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Abby, coverAbigail Van Buren Masterson chronicles her seventh grade year by writing to the famous advice columnist of the same name. From the beginning to the end of her school year, Abigail discovers a family she didn’t know existed, learns about Multiple Sclerosis first hand, is accepted as the “new kid” but bullied by the school Drama Queen, gets her first boyfriend, and is taught beginner French by an Italian, all while researching Abigail Van Buren for an English assignment.

 Raspberry Beret, the second book in the trilogy, is available on Amazon as well. Abby is in the eighth grade and discovers that the school bully is actually the victim of abuse at home.  should Abby pity her or do her best to soothe her classmates invisible wounds? Oh, and Abby makes a BFF and gets a boyfriend!!!

 Opening Pandora's Box completes the Wow and Viola! Trilogy. Abby goes to high school, but is forced to deal with the death of a friend.

My battle with multiple sclerosis is ongoing and it is my goal to offer words of  encouragement to my fellow warriors. I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? is a common sense guide for living with a very mysterious disease.


Bombs Bursting in Air

First Place WV Writer’s Award
Riveting tale of young girl who loses her dad in a theater bombing….and her slow road to recovery through faith and friendship.
Sitting in a movie theater with her dad, Meri checks her phone for a good time to go to the ladies’ room. She leaves during a battle scene and meets her soon-to-be new best friend, Fiona, in the restroom. To their mutual horror, a bomb goes off in the theater. Meri awakes in the hospital to find out her world is changed forever.
Coping with PTSD is real to veterans and to those of all ages who experience shocking horror and loss. Meri sees the changes to her family and her life and with the help of an unlikely friend, her faith, and her family, is able to move forward to a new future.

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