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About The Author (That's me:)

Dear Reader,
       On February 11, 2011, I published my first young adult novel. In what originally began as a weekly student writing project in journal-ling, Abby, was born. My seventh grade students advised as real life models of their age group. While they learned more bout editing and the overall writing process, I learned more about the seventh grade3 psyche.
       Abby, is dedicated to those individuals in my first and only experience teaching seventh grade. I m forever in your debt.

Abby, cover Reader's Favorite Winner
                             Purple Dragonfly for children's fiction winner

Abigail Van Buren Masterson chronicles her seventh grade year by writing to the famous advice columnist of the same name. From the beginning to the end of her school year, Abigail discovers a family she didn’t know existed, learns about Multiple Sclerosis first hand, is accepted as the “new kid” but bullied by the school Drama Queen, gets her first boyfriend, and is taught beginner French by an Italian, all while researching Abigail Van Buren for an English assignment.

The story of those awesome seventh graders responsible for my leap of faith into publishing continues into their eighth  grade year when they dared me to do it again. As they entered their eighth grade year, they expected Abigail to so also.

Reader's Favorite Honorable Mention

 In Raspberry Beret,  Abby is in the eighth grade and discovers that the school bully is actually the victim of abuse at home.  Head Cheerleader Sheila is a "cutter". Should Abby pity her or do her best to soothe her classmate's invisible wounds? As Abby struggles with her conscious, she settles into life in rural West Virginia when a new student takes way Abby's title as "new kid".

Image may contain: 1 person, indoorBy the time these dear students left me for high school, my mind was already taking Abby on the same journey. But, what was this tale without that class of remarkable people? I didn't need to worry my little ol' head. James, the ring leader, came to my rescue demanding a continuation of the story. With him cracking the whip, Opening Pandora's Box  (Reader's Favorite Winner) came to be. Thank you, James!


My battle with multiple sclerosis is ongoing and it is my goal to offer words of  encouragement to my fellow warriors. I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? is a common sense guide for living with a very mysterious disease. So far, flying solo in the self-publication department, this common sense guide to living with multiple sclerosis elevated my writing career to a new level. Cathy Teets, owner of Headline Books, saw (and still does) potential in my story. In the fall of 2016, I became an author of nonfiction in this  80 page testament to the power of positive thought. I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? is internationally recognized at both the London and the Paris Book Festivals as well as being a five star award winning Reader's Favorite self-help title.

And then... this happened.


Mom’s Choice Award
Literary Classics Book Award Finalist
First Place WV Writer’s Award
London Book Festival Honorable Mention
Literary Classics Gold Seal of Approval
Sitting in a movie theater with her dad, Meri checks her phone for a good time to go to the ladies’ room. She leaves during a battle scene and meets her soon-to-be new best friend, Fiona, in the restroom. To their mutual horror, a bomb goes off in the theater. Meri awakes in the hospital to find out her world is changed forever.

Riveting tale of young girl who loses her dad in a theater bombing….and her slow road to recovery through faith and friendship.  - my first review
Coping with PTSD is real to veterans and to those of all ages 
who experience shocking horror and loss. Meri sees the 
changes to her family and her life and with the help of an unlikely 
friend, her faith, and her family, is able to move forward to a new

So...the writing continues. Let the reading do the same.


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