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Lisa's Friday Reviews: I may be in Maine, but I don't just review books..

Upon looking for an e-mail that I never received, I decided to search my trash; and guess what? Not only did I find the missing e-mail, I also unearthed quite a treasure. 

As a novice essential oil advocate, I am not unfamiliar with coconut oil, but the link below provides a wide world of uses that will keep you reading and pondering for days. But do not be overwhelmed. Grab your jar of coconut oil and experiment. 

I can absolutely attest to the cosmetic value of coconut oil. After only three days of moisturizing with said product, my skin is amazingly soft. I haven noticed the disappearance of some fine lines around my eyes and mouth and my complexion has actually "evened". I am hoping that further application will eliminate that wobbly neck age forces upon us.

I apply the oil to my face and neck every morning and evening after a quick cleanse and let it dry. I also massage a little (and that is all you need) into my feet and heels. Guess I will have sandal feet all winter!


Reading Across America: Let's begin in Maine!

Last week I announced my plans to red my way across the country in lieu of actually setting foot on the soil of individual states. Since then I have decided that I am glad I did not actually get behind the wheel of a car, because there is a key element missing in my intention. I did not plan. IN my excitement to share this project I did not think through my journey. The reading teacher in me grabbed on to the alphabetical order of states without realizing that out country is not arranged in ABC fashion. So, as I scrambled to acquire an Alabama title, I did not take into account the logistics of beginning my journey in the awkward location that Alabama provides in a road adventure. 

I mean...where do I go from there? My need for order demands that my travels adhere to some type of sense. I suppose I could begin the South, but why not set off from Florida and work my way up and out? I really do not want to back track in my quest to collect all fifty states and not begin a big fan of air …

Read Across America: Lisa's Friday Reviews

Although I have traveled the majority of the states in America, there are a few that I doubt I will ever reach. An adventurer many years ago, my travel lust has waned as life grows more complicated for me. So, when I fell on to this website, I just knew this is one way to tick off all fifty states.

Join me in my travels to READ ACROSS AMERICA!

100 BOOKS ACROSS AMERICA: FICTION AND NONFICTION FOR EVERY STATE IN THE UNION A READING LIST FOR YOUR LAST-SECOND LITERARY ROAD TRIPAlabama Fiction: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop CafĂ©, Fannie Flagg Female friendships aren’t a new thing in literature, despite recent high temperatures induced by Ferrante-fever. This classic of Alabama fiction centers on the unlikely relationship—a friendship built, more than anything, on storytelling—between an 86-year-old woman in a nursing home and an unhappy middle-aged housewife. But it’s also a portrait of a community, and addresses issues of violence, race, homosexuality and aging over more than hal…

Lisa's Friday Review

Here is one way to wrap up your summer reading. While writing 
this review, I kept thinking about coming of age themes literary 
greats from Kureac and even Steinbeck. Although I would never 
recommend The Summer of Crud to a young reader, this story 
definitely reflects a less wholesome  story than one normally 
associated with the genre most often classified as young adult. So...
I deam Jonathan LaPoma's an adult coming of age tale that will 
hang around in the reader's mind for days after turning the last 
Oh, and I must admit that I am still concerned about Danny's bowel

                                SUMMER OF CRUD
Finally. College graduation. A new life on the horizon. No better time than now to stretch those 
wings of independence and treat the soul to a well-deserved adventure before real life takes over. It 
was time to hit the road. Play a little music, smoke a little weed, maybe even write a new song. 
Danny is more than ready to go; but when his phone rings at…