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Friday Book Reveiws on a Tuesday

Release Date: July 1, 2017 Literary Classics SOUTH DAKOTA – One of the most anticipated moments in the world of children’s and young adult literature has arrived. The 2017 Literary Classics Top Honors Book Award recipients have been announced. Selected from submissions by entrants around the globe, these distinguished honorees are recognized for their contributions to the craft of writing, illustrating, and publishing exceptional literature for a youth audience. In this highly competitive industry these books represent the foremost in literature in their respective categories. Literary Classics created the Top Honors Book Awards in an effort to recognize the most distinguished books for children and young adults. The Top Honors Book Awards are awarded in conjunction…

Lisa's Friday Reviews

Here we are with another promise of fantastic weekend reading. You have plenty of time to head to the library or bookstore after work. Get ready for some great reading.

                        MY YOUNG ADULT FIX

Hold on to your reading minds, all you lovers of YA fiction and anyone with half a brain. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon is a must, must read! Author of #1 New York Times bestselling Everything, Everything, Yoon creates a life experience in the day of young Korean-American Daniel and illegal Jamaican immigrant Natasha. While on his way to an interview that will define his college career, Daniel spies gorgeous Natasha. Performing the ultimately worst romantic move ever, Daniel accidentally destroys Natasha's prized headphones and is relentless in his pursuit to make things better. Little does he know that Natasha's chore of the morning is of equal importance. She is to be deported in a few short hours and is making a last attempt of pleading her case to remain in A…