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X, Y, Z's of Summer Reading

During the winter I embarked on a journey to motivate fellow MS Warriors. Although today's post is not necessarily devoted to the topic of multiple sclerosis, the subject is near and dear to my heart. 

A veteran Language Arts teacher for 33 years, my career ended rather prematurely; leaving me with a sense of the famous empty nest syndrome most commonly felt by parent's of college age children (I will have my share of that in a couple of years.)
In my particular case, my children did not leave me, but I left them. This void has left me rather remorseful  at times; especially this time of year.

In two weeks, students will hit the streets in Marion County, West Virginia, with arms flailing, intent upon making the most of their summer dreams. School is out for the summer. "No more teachers. No more classrooms."

I truly understand their thoughts on the subject. Even with my undying passion for my career, summer vacation is the giant carrot to which we race.

Unfortunately, summer break often wreaks havoc on  a student's reading level. Studies show that by reading at least one chapter book over the summer months, a student will maintain his/her current reading level. Reading more...well, you understand.

With this is in mind, I will blog about the X,Y, Z's of summer reading projects. (Get it? I wrote about the A,B,C's of MS this winter; so I have turned it all around for the summer. 😉 Aren't I the clever bird?)

So, let's get this party started.

Feel free to jump in any time. The more advice, the better.

And, lookie what I found. Right off the bat.

If the trend escapes you, let me urge you to check out this website for more creative dialogue from It is goooood stuff.

These books are definitely designed more for a listening child, rather than a reading child. But, that is okay. Children who are read to are more likely to develop a love for reading in the future.

I love to read to children so much that I volunteer a couple of times a month for an excellent program we have in West Virginia called Read Aloud. This is an incredible program that is growing as we speak. If a Read Aloud program exists in your WV county and you have the time, check it out for next year. Anyone can volunteer.


On a more adult level, I don't know about you, but (this is weird) I DO NOT enjoy listening to someone else read something that I am perfectly capable of reading for myself. My mother says that I announced this to her years and years ago. I am sure that put a little bee in her bonnet...Thank goodness I have two younger siblings she could entertain.

Goodreads is a wonderful source for book titles and reading suggestions. WARNING: Time Consuming! It is possible to totally get lost on this site...and I so do not mean wandering around blindly. Goodreads is addictive, so plan your time wisely. Goodreads is just that good.

Visit your area library and stock up on best sellers. Be sure to take the kiddos so they can peruse the stacks as well. Today I went to my county library looking for book titles or authors beginning with the letters x, y ,and z. That is how I plan to begin my own summer reading list. Still looking for that elusive x, so you might just have to tolerate my rambling on dictionary use instead. Actually, that's not a bad thing. Dictionaries have become highly underrated and need a bit more attention, if you ask me. If you frequent my blog at all, you already know that I DO love to ramble. So, prepare yourself for an entire post on the letter X sometime this month.

Okay, readers, I have set the stage. Get ready to read!

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