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Y is for yoga. #WeAreStrongerThanMS

Y is for yoga. The BEST treatment I have discovered. Related imageRestorative yoga is awesome. It doesn't require a lot of physical exertion and isn't really an expensive activity. You just need a floor, a rug or yoga mat, some loose clothes, and your breath.                  

My biggest issue with yoga, or any other exercise program, is taking the time to do it. Sometimes the couch screams my  when Al Roker reports the weather or Live With Kelly comes on. After watching so many recorded yoga routines, I can usually practice while watching TV. It just depends on my level of motivation.

I know I should practice yoga, or some type of stretching every day. Of course the painful reminder hits me when I have ignored my own advice for several days and am met with a pronounced drop foot and an inability to use my right leg more than usual. Then I feel like such a slug; rightly so. So, learn a pose and try it...just for a few minutes a'll be amazed.

Even the little things help in dealing with the disobedience of our muscles. Since spring weather is flirting with part of the country, I took advantage of the sunshine and walked to mother's house yesterday. Of course I went with aid of a walking stick (One can never be too cautious.) and it is a very short venture; but it felt so good to exercise those leg muscles. I used to walk five miles every other day before I was diagnosed.A few women in my neighborhood would get together and venture out and when they were not available I would plan solo route. Maybe not as vigorous as high impact aerobics, but this kept me satisfactorily fit. (This walking is how I discovered my MS, as described in the first chapter of my book I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?)

I do not get angry often, but I do get emotional when I can no longer do something as simple as take a walk because my feet do not remember how to get out their own way. But I cannot blame MS for a lackadaisical attitude. If I don't try, I will never accomplish. Harsh lesson, but so true.

Y is  rather difficult letter to work with, but fortunately two of my favorite Y words are yoga  and yogurt. Yogurt is probably the number one reason why I shy from the dietary theories of Dr. Wahls. In her Palco concept of diet, dairy is a no-no.Yogurt is my dairy and one I refuse to eliminate. There are most likely many acceptable substitutes, but on my budget I doubt I could afford it. So, I am quite content with my daily yogurt as either part of breakfast or as a snack. the Greek version of this yummy treat is my fave.

Finally, Y is for you. I believe I have stressed this repeatedly in my posts this month. This not about MS. This is about you and your treatment of this MonSter who lives with us.You do not have to evolve into a selfish little princess to remember yourself, but at the end of the day you are the hero.

Have a beautiful day and keep moving!

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