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#WeAreStrongerThanMS V is for MS Vocabulary

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There are so many words, phrases, and descriptions associated with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Although I have an extensive education that concentrate on language and vocabulary, upon my diagnosis I learned of an entirely foreign word-world (say that out loud three times) out there. When my neuro talked to me about the myelin under attack, I thought he was referring to the pharmaceutical production company located right down the road fro his office. Geesh...

Yesterday I mentioned double-voiding. Common Sense (my side kick) immediately tells me what this means, but it is refreshing to have an official term assigned to this function I took upon myself a long time ago. 

So, really, I am feeling pretty confident with the vocabulary of MS.And then...a new one was thrown on me. 

Idiopathy  is a disease or condition that arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown. 

Ain't that just a lovely word? And the perfect description of multiple sclerosis? And, doesn't that leave you full of confidence in the hands of medical science? (Sorry. Didn't mean to break out into my idiot voice.)

I learned a long time ago, under the care of one of the best known neurologists in my geographic location, that multiple sclerosis is clearly a mystery to not only me, but my doctor. So, why didn't he just spill the beans and confess the nature of this disease sixteen years ago? Did he think that confessing that multiple sclerosis is an idiopathic condition would totally freak me out, or was it the realization of my  own credentials intimated him? This patient is not dumbo, and , guess what, I was all ready in a state of freak out.

So, when I learned this word, I felt a mixture of pride and disgust. Pride because  I had figured this element of MS a year into my diagnosis. Disgust because sixteen years later This confession has never passed the lips of any neurologist in my realm of medical acquaintances. 

Why? It is not the fault of any of these doctors I have met, so there is really no need to apologize. When addressing  MS with a general practitioner, though, the discussion is normally more detailed and the lack of medical evidence in the origin of multiple sclerosis is more readily addressed. Do you find this to be true or am I just paranoid?

Any way...there is so much knowledge out there...some of it useful, some of it, not so much... 

Being a word person, I am always intrigued when I run across a word of unusual origin or meaning. Did you know that a "palimpsest" is a piece of writing material or manuscript on which an original writing has been erased for reuse?  I know, I know, this is irrelevant and just another useless bit of information to clog up the brain.

Which brings me to another interesting term floating around in MS Land. 

Cog Fog.

You now it well. The inability to focus, comprehend, or fully remember or relate to a certain issue. More  often than not this is associated with the elderly; but we all know that age has no claim on disease. 

My little family of three has adopted an evening routine of, over the super table, answering the trivia questions in the trivia quiz in the daily newspaper. My husband enjoys assigning particular topics to our son and I. Yesterday he ruffled the newspaper and announced, "It's all on Mom today." Of course I know where this is going. I am usually pretty at identifying authors and musicians.

But, for some reason, as my husband posed the published questions, I frantically searched my unresponsive brain for answers. Even though the material was right up my alley, there was nothing but grey space where the answers should be. It was almost like having what is described as an out-of-body experience. My butt was firmly planted, but I wasn't really in the room. I could only stare blankly at my family. 

No, I had not tipped the bottle of red kept under the counter. I was not under the influence of any prescribed or illegal substances. I was just zoned out. 

I heard the words and knew the answers somewhere in the furthest regions of consciousness, but suddenly my rain hd returned to infancy and I was totally lost.

Weird. I was actually in a fog. A cog fog.

Terminology can be interesting, yet worrisome. I have learned to think carefully, yet try to think too hard about certain terms and phrases. A cautionary note here: If you think that bouts of said cog fog could be related to a mixture of meds, consult your doctor. There is such a thing as being overly medicated and there are all kinds of weird combination no-no's. (I mean, really, why can I not eat grapefruit in combination with some meds? I love grapefruit.)

Okay...enough of this. The sun is shining here on my street and there is no fog predicted. I hope to keep it that way.

Have a wonderful Thursday!
Love and Light,

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