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WBOY gets involved in MS Awareness Month

Have you ever wished to be famous? To be easily identifiable in public? For that moment when a complete stranger points a finger you way and says, "Hey, I know her. I know you!"

The first time an announcement was heard that I had "entered the building" was from a a cute little third grader in my current Read Aloud classroom. As soon as I walked into the room, the excitement grew. 

""Hey, guys, look! Our readers if here and it's the lady with the cane!"

Yes, my colorful walking sticks do make quite the impression and have, in fact, become my trademark. Twice a month I volunteer to read to a local third grade class as part of our state's Read Aloud program. https://readaloudwestvirginia.orgI am so grateful for this opportunity to stay connected with a classroom since my unplanned early retirement. So, this is a win-win for the classroom teacher and me. 

Ironically the class I was assigned is the same group of youngsters that  I addressed last year at presentation about acceptance. So, this has been a reunion of sorts. And I have become The Lady With the Cane. (Don't be getting any ideas about adopting this title for yourself. This is definitely going to be the title of my next MS book, so hands off.🙌)

The attention given by these young people warm my heart and I get a kick over the competitive interest they take about who will be holder of the cane while I read. It's just the little things in life...

So, yeah, I'm already famous in this little space I call hometown.

But, then the press got involved. For the second year in a row a local television station interviewed me regarding MS Awareness Month. The segment was aired on the early, early, early edition of the morning show, so I actually did not see the original of either viewing (which makes me wonder if anyone else did, since I am an early, early, early riser). But that's not the point. The point is that society is taking an interest. And, yes, I'm kinda famous. Because I spoke. 

Multiple Scleroses Self-Help Group Offering Support in Fairmont

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and one area author is using her life with the disease to help others.
Lisa McCombs, who wrote “I have MS. What’s Your Super Power”, has revived an MS self-help group in Marion County.  
They meet the first Thursday of each month at 11:00 .m. at Life United Methodist Church on Mary Lou Retton Drive in Fairmont.  
McCombs says she created the group after becoming a certified facilitator through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society so no one would feel alone in their struggles.
“People are constantly saying ‘oh I know what you’re going through, oh I understand’, but they don’t,” McCombs added. “They couldn’t possibly unless you’re in my shoes you couldn’t understand what MS does to you, your family, your social life and life in general.”
Throughout the month of March McCombs will donate a portion of sales from her book the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
She also will pay for the shipping of any books ordered through her. You can contact McCombs at
You can also purchase her books at
McCombs also writes a MS blog, which can be found at

To view my 15 seconds of fame, click on the link below.
Of course now I use my colorful canes to fight off the paparazzi who gather at my door step when I least expect it. It's horrible. So, be careful what yo wish for. Fame is not all it's cracked up to be.

I will just be happy with being known as the lady with the cane.

Have a great day!
Love and Light,

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