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O is for On-line support grooups, orgasms, and ye ol'Blarney stone: MS Awareness Month

O is for on-line support groups. Look for them on Face Book. I rarely contribute.  I admit it. I am a lurker. But they are there and very helpful and friendly. 

There are so many groups on Face Book, some private, some public. Most of them are highly guarded and monitored, keeping your identity safe. These are close knit families who generally welcome newcomers and encourage interaction. Even if you do not actively participate in discussions, the plethora of questions and comments encountered will be worth your time. I have learned so much more about my disease by hanging out n these groups.

MSpals: Women Only - Multiple Sclerosis Community

I particularly appreciate the groups aimed at women with MS (sorry, guys) because female symptoms/complaints are so very unique (duh). And, sense females are truly the backbone of any family (not so sorry, guys), we need that extra support in getting through the day...and night.

Which brings me to an extremely personal and incredibly uncomfortable subject. How do you explain to your significant other the complications MS presents in moments's of intimacy? 

The MonSter is so very inconvenient in these times. In chapter twelve of my award winning common sense guide to living with multiple sclerosis I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?, I talk about just how uncomfortable I am with this subject.,

In a nutshell, the subject of sex is not  a comfortable topic, but MS really  throws a curve in there. So, let's explore the definition of orgasm.Since this word is commonly known as an explosion of sensations, I will confess that I have been orgasmic for the last twenty minutes while consuming my early morning snack of the best red grapes I have every tasted. My mouth is absolutely trembling with delight.

On a more serious note, communication is the key here. If sexual intimacy is important to you, it is necessary to talk about your MS issues with your partner. Because the MontSter pretty much abides by the "don't ask, do't tell" policy, doctors rarely (if at all) mention sexual intimacy issues. This, of course forces us out of the box of comfort if we want answers or advice. Don't let your neuro off the hook. Remember that YOU ARE A WARRIOR and you will confront the issue even at the expense of intimidating the good Dr. After all, you are intimated by said MonSter on a daily basis. He/she gets to go home at the end of the with myelin intact. We do not.

Okay, enough of that. Let' concentrate on the fact that TODAY IS ST. PATRICK'S DAY. 

Yesterday, I had the distinct opportunity to go with my author friend Diana Walker to the Morgantown Public Library to celebrate the latest novel by our Irish author friend Patricia Hooper. Corrib Red is the sequel to Hooper's first novel Kilpara. I really enjoyed listening to Patricia's richly laced Irish accent as she read from Corrib Red, enhancing the with commentary about the setting and historical accuracy of this fictional account of the O'Donovan family.

I cannot wait to begin my Irish journey. Thank you so much, Patricia for sharing your evening with us! There is more to life than MS. 

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If you are looking for a day of Irish goodness, visit McAteer's in Fairmont, West Virginia, for some authentic corn beef and cabbage. Or visit Ireland, West Virginia, to experience a true Celtic celebration.

No matter where the wind blows you today, enjoy every second of it.

Love and Light,
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