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I is for Independence. MS Awareness Month

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I is for independence. I know, I know. This is at the very top of the list of things lost to MS. Suddenly we find ourselves at the mercy of other people, experimental drugs, and insane public reaction. 

A physical situation may be the culprit of your lack or independence, but your mind doesn't have to claim defeat. The fact that you are reading this blog is an example of independence. YOU are in control of YOU. Make your own decisions about medication, therapy, and life in general. The MonSter may think  it is in the driver's seat, but you still hold the key.

List making...That's what I do when my hands and my mind are idle. I live a purpose driven life and lately my brain doesn't always remember my intentions. So, I write down everything. I love post it notes, but I am also a product of my dad. I guarantee that there is something inked on to his forearm or the palm of his hand when he needs a subtle "hey".  This my offend some people, but it is easy and doesn't waste paper, thus doesn't kill trees. 

Okay, okay...maybe I am milking this justification a bit; but, it is effective. All of the sudden I have a cheat sheet that creates a public sense of independence I used to take for granted.

Basically we do what we need to do in order to present a positive face. I really do not care what anybody thinks of me, but a public persona can help us feel better about ourselves. Right? Self-image makes an important impact on our over all feeling of well-being.

Think about it. 

When we do not feel like we look our best (inside AND out), we do not perform our best; thus, we are reliant. So, we deal with the situation. Bad hair day? We wear a hat, make a bun, find a spectacular pair of earrings to detract from that atrocity resting on the cranium. We make an independent decision to feel better.

So, get your brain in the game today. Be independent. Be positive. Be well.

Just move,

P.S. Thanks to those of you who are actively responding to my 30 writing challenge. Remember to follow this blog for a chance to receive a copy of my international award winning I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?
A portion of the sales proceeds is donated to NMSS at the end of March. 


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