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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

E is for exercise: MS Awareness Month

E is for exercise. You can train to run that marathon if you like, but as long as you keep both your body and your mind limber you are in the battle. Stretch both your mind and body. 

Walk when you can. Stretch daily. Work that puzzle in the newspaper. Play a game of Trivial Pursuit with your kids, Go bowling. Organize a bridge club, weekly Bunco group, or play Song Pop on your phone. Just keep the muscles and juices flowing.

It is so easy to fall prey to the demons of multiple sclerosis and the MonSter's insistence that we wallow in our pain and depression. Remember: YOU are in charge. YOU get to make the decisions.

I hope you make the decision to MOVE.

The basic  message is that exercise is good for you. According to Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies, some benefits of exercise are:

*Reducing your fatigue.
*Maintaining and increasing endurance and flexibility of joints and muscles.
*Improving cardiovascular health.
*Improving bowel and bladder functions. (Yoga does this for me.)
*Strengths bones.
*Improves mood.
*Helps with weight management.(Unless you load up on chips during that marathon card game.)

As with anything new, there will obstacles to hurdle. Take a chance. Plunge right in.

Take precautions, though, in maximizing your comfort and safety during any kind of activity. For both physical and mental exercise, try to plan during peak energy times. For mainly physical exercises, make certain to warm up those muscles first. Never push yourself beyond your comfort level and exercise in a cool environment. For those of us who are balanced-challenged, stand near a wall or employ the use of a chair.

And remember to laugh. It truly is one of the best medicines around.

It is up to you to keep your spirit active.
Love and Light,

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