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Sunday, March 5, 2017

C is for Common Sense: MS Awareness Month

Image result for LARGE LETTER Cis for Common Sense. This is the Monster's nemesis. When in doubt, look inward. Contrary to popular rumors, common sense is NOT dead. It just gets over looked at times.

Normally on a Sunday morning I would be enjoying the instruction and message from my church pastor, but this weather has exacerbated my son's allergies, keeping us home. So, C is not for church today; and that is okay since we are really Celebrating Common Sense.

My die-hard pride (Thanks, Mom, for that inheritance:) has rarely allowed me to ask for help. I just bumble through and hope I don't screw things up too badly. It is not that I believe that my way is the best way to accomplish things, but I do firmly believe that if we want things done the way we want them done, well, it is best to do it ourselves.

Someone said in self-help group last week that she didn't necessarily need  the group, but it was a nice social time to share with other people of like mind. I agree, but it is nice to know that support is there if and when we decide to use it. If nothing else, we have networked. That is a form of support, right? (Guess who told me that? Common Sense.)

I realize I spend a lot of time harping on my buddy CS. It is just difficult for me to believe that people don't depend upon him. Then again, my time as a public school teacher educated me on the lack of respect is given to Common Sense. We are such Sheep, following along blindly in the wake of others who are also blind to what makes the most sense. We do not htink for ourselves because society has assured us that we do not have to.

I think it is sad. Very sad. 

But "that's life", according to the late great Frank Sinatra. It is what it is. It is up to you to make it work.

Celebrate Your Support Partners Today. There are many unsung heroes who provide invaluable support and inspiration to the multiple sclerosis (MS) community. During MS Awareness Month, we encourage the MS community to recognize these heroes by visiting and getting involved in #MySupportHero.

MS Self-Help Fairmont, West Virginia

Let me throw another C out there for ya.  If you are looking for a wonderful MS-related read, Chef Interrupted by Trevis L.Gleason is my pick. Check it out:

Enjoy your Sunday and look forward to Monday,
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