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You might be contagious.

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Struggling with a writing topic this morning, I stumbled across this little video by Pastor Phil Waldrep that instantly caught my attention. The message is direct. It is simple. It is so true.

Often times when announcing my relationship with the MonSter, the concern for contagion is posed. No, one cannot contract multiple sclerosis by contact with a Warrior. Multiple Sclerosis is not a contagious disease. People do not get MS; they have MS. This is a preconceived condition that has noting to do with washing your hands or covering your mouth when coughing. MS does not spread like the flu. MS just is.

But our attitude does spread, affecting everyone with whom we come in contact. So, in answer to that question of contamination:
"No, MS is not contagious; but attitude about it is.

Take a peek at Waldrep's message and concentrate on being contagious.

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