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Thirty Days of MS Awareness Coming Your Way. Ideas welcome.

Awareness – Together We Are Stronger

Last march I committed to posting a blog post every day in March to raise awareness of MS. Although I have yet to see much information in the media about this for 2017, I am taking it upon myself to repeat my commitment.

Starting Wednesday, March 1, I will be posting a blog every day in the on the of March. That's  lot of planning and posting, friends, but it is my mission. Since March is my birth month and the green month of St. Patrick's Day, this ids a gift to my self.

I am looking for ideas for my daily post. Although this blog was originally created to share my journey with the MonSter, I have been known to include a variety of topics...I mean, life isn't ALL about MS, right? 

So far, I plan to discuss books and share some of my reviews. If you follow me at all you know of my passion for the written word. But, I am not the authority on books, so I welcome any suggestions. In fact, if anyone is interested in forming an on-line book club right here on Lisa's Page, I am ALL FOR IT!

I will also be following my MS in relationship to the changing season. Spring always presents issues of allergies, over the counter remedies, and good ol' West Virginia sinus issues as our bodies acclimate to what is supposed to be Earth's rebirth into warmer temps. How does this affect your MS?

Of course, I will be talking about my knitting...or lack there of. Yesterday I was right on track with my latest project. (I am knitting  socks on straight needles...hmmm.) So excited to count the correct about of stitches on my needle. So thrilled to be doing something different. Anxious to share my first sock with bestie Jodi. And happened...I counted again. I am still looking for those two lost stitches. I swear my cat stole them right out from under me. She's like that.

And, then there is the issue of camping. I LOVE to camp in Bemis, WV, and the time is drawing near when my family will be yearning for those mountain breakfasts, camp fires, and fresh stream fishing. Ahh...Are we there yet? So, I want to hear about your little peace of Earthly paradise because Bemis is definitely mine.

I also like to do a bit of research, and am more than willing to put my librarian skills to work for you. Give me your MS questions and I will enthusiastically put my undergrad degree to work.

Wow! That's a lot of writing to do. I had better get busy. So...

There will be no post on Monday. Gearing up for the big reveal on Wednesday.

Have a blessed weekend and I will see you then.

Love and Light,
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