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Are you tired? Me, too, but I plan to stop.

As part of our “In A Word” series we recently asked the Facebook community to complete the following statement: “In a word, my most frustrating MS symptom is______”.

And the answer is...fatigue.

In Lisa Emrich's article, found in the link below, she discusses her trials with MS fatigue and even questions whether or not her fatigue is actually MS-related.

Fatigue never issued into my MS until I  retired from teaching. This makes very little sense to me, since I now have more time to take care of myself and find daily space for rest and restful activity. In the past year (2016) though, I discovered that I truly am tired. every. day.

For the new year, I have decided (whether my legs agree or not) that I WILL NOT waste time being tired. How will I do this? Ummmm...

Well today I am meeting a former student for coffee and a little "book" talk. This will get me out of the house and in the fresh (cold) air. It will be a small trip, but good for me. The unfortunate truth is that winter days can bring us down sometime. It is cold outside, the sky is dreary, and it is just too temping to huddle under a blanket and veg the day away. This outing will force me to wash my hair:) Since I like schedules, I have planned to do my vegging tomorrow, after a few little house keeping chores.

For the past few weeks I have been driving my mother to her Wednesday bowling date. I have really enjoyed hanging out with her bowling buddies and I am learning a bit about the sport. Well, I am going to learn BIG TIME this week because I think I going to finish out the season as the biggest handicap bowler in the league. It is a commitment, I know; but relatively short time since it all ends in April. It is a new experience, though, and I like adding to my collection of experiences. I am master of none, but I am truly an eclectic.

Moving on to Thursday: The weather promises to be 60 degrees and the perfect day for a road trip. My gal pal and I are going to take full advantage of the day with a journey to one of our favorite places: Yarn and Company in Elkins, WV. Yep. We are doing the big trip to the beautiful mountainous region of our state. We will shop, eat lunch, knit, and catch up on these last few months of best-ie deprivation. It will be great and I am looking totally forward to it. I am also totally worn out thinking about it, but this trip is necessary for my spirit more than anything else.

I will devote Friday to recovery and prepare myself for Saturday's book signing at Craft Connection in Fairmont. If you are close by, stop by and visit me and my writing buddy Diana Walker. We can assure you some great stories and an opportunity to obtain one (or more) of our award winning Headline Books.

Sounds like I am going to be a busy beaver this week. But I think I have paced my activities so that I have not over whelmed myself. That is the key. Pacing ourselves but keeping physically and mentally active.

So take some time for yourself this week, but do not forget to live.


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