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X, Y, Z's of Summer Reading

During the winter I embarked on a journey to motivate fellow MS Warriors. Although today's post is not necessarily devoted to the topic of multiple sclerosis, the subject is near and dear to my heart. 

A veteran Language Arts teacher for 33 years, my career ended rather prematurely; leaving me with a sense of the famous empty nest syndrome most commonly felt by parent's of college age children (I will have my share of that in a couple of years.)
In my particular case, my children did not leave me, but I left them. This void has left me rather remorseful  at times; especially this time of year.

In two weeks, students will hit the streets in Marion County, West Virginia, with arms flailing, intent upon making the most of their summer dreams. School is out for the summer. "No more teachers. No more classrooms."

I truly understand their thoughts on the subject. Even with my undying passion for my career, summer vacation is the giant carrot to which we race.

Unfortunately, sum…

The Importance of Girl-Grooming for Women with MS

I just HAD to share this. We, too often, forget to feel human.
Chasing Pretty: The Importance of Girl-Grooming for Women with MS SHARE 4 RATE★★★★★

Sometimes you just have to go back to bed.

About once a week I just have to return to bed after my son leaves for school. I always feel rather guilty, but the benefits are too awesome to regret.

I am an early bird and always have been. I like to rise with the sun and enjoy a few hours of being home alone. But about every ten or eleven days I awake with a heavy head and my eyes just will not focus on daylight. So I lock the door and crawl under my bed covers.

This morning was one of those days. I had nothing to look forward to anyway. My son had eaten all of the cereal and I am out of yogurt so there goes my morning meal. Why not sleep until noon? My planned lunch today is a piece of left over bbq chicken and an ear of corn. That sounds like something to wake up for.

Now don't get me wrong. I did NOT sleep until noon. Just until 8:30.

That's when it hit me that I am "living the life". I get up every morning, bid my fellows farewell, wave at the weather man on WBOY, pour myself a cup of coffee and fire up my comput…

Read an excerpt from my latest YA novel.

No, I haven't forgotten all my blog friends. Life just got crazy this week. That is a lesson in itself. Sometimes we just need to get out of the way so that life can throw a few requisite curve balls.

But, you don't want to hear about my issues, especially when they are of the negative variety.

How about playing helping me with one of my latest writing projects? It is unpolished and there are gaps to fill, but I am loving the concept so far.

Here is a little excerpt from Lila Rose and the Unibrow:

CHAPTER: A Day With Pastor Larry As soon as I entered the front doors of Sacred Sanctuary, I instinctively knew that things had changed. Without Jay’s presence, a bit of the joy I normally felt was gone. Even though she always felt at ease here, Jay was a big part of the reason for that feeling. I really couldn’t put a finger on why I had come to the church anyway. There was no youth group today, the praise team was not practicing, and there were no tutoring sessions. It was just routine …


Multiple Sclerosis might not define me, but I am not so sure about seasonal allergies. I used to tease that there should be a marketable purpose for phlegm because my  body produces it at alarming rates. As far as I know I am not officially allergic to anything other than feathers (really?), but these spring days of earthly awakenings tell me otherwise. 

So, my over-the-counter Zyrtec is my constant companion these days and I always have a tissue at the ready. How about you? The pollen getting to you?

Welcome Spring!


Pretty picture

Isn't this beautiful? Just saw it on Face Book.
Nice way to start the day!

After the Fall

It has happened to all of us, some more frequently  than others: The Fall. I am not talking about vibrant foliage and the crisp temps of my favorite season. I am talking about that dastardly event that warns of broken bones and colorful bruises. It can happen in seconds and, in my case, without warning and accompanied by some type of weird memory loss. I rarely remember exactly how it happens. I am just suddenly on the floor. Or, in the case of Friday night, on my back in the middle of my outside concrete porch. 
Yep, that's right. All I remember is moving in the direction of the back door, and, BOOM!, my head hit the stone siding of the house, my right hip bounced as it connected with the hard surface of the floor, and I was down. D-O-W-N.
I think I actually nearly passed out. 
I made it into the house and to the bathroom, feeling for broken skin on the right side of my head the whole time. There was no blood, but I felt the early signs of the proverbialgoose egg that was forming. A…

MS Morgantown Mexican Monday

Hello there fabulous Morgantown Walk MS Rockstars!!
Please join us as we collaborate with Morgantown's newest MS Support group and other MS Supporters in our community for our first ever MS Morgantown Mexican Monday! Get walk details, hear from people and Medical Professionals in your own MS Community, all while enjoying a fabulous taco bar and chips and queso and salsa! Meet, greet, and eat!
What: MS Morgantown Mexican Monday When: Monday, April 10
Time: 6pm
Where: Avery United Methodist Church
RSVP: Just respond to this email or call 304-343-5152
See you all there! Ole'
If you haven’t already registered for Morgantown Walk MS on Saturday, May 6 click here to get started! Looking forward to all walking together to help to put an end to MS forever!
Amanda Pritt