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Disappointed and Disheartened

I am not a political individual. I do not analyze newspaper persuasion nor do I enjoy any type of debate. I did follow Bill Clinton's process mainly because he felt more my age; therefore, he represented, to me, the ideals that my circle of friends encompassed. I also thought Ross Perot (spelling?) was fun, but I knew enough to not take him too seriously.

Election 2016 has been entertaining from the start and because of it's  volatile persona, I made the decision to become actively involved in the outcome.

As a Democrat, I surprisingly found myself early on really wanting to like The Donald. His arguments made sense. He spoke a cut and dry language that I much appreciated. It didn't hurt that, just because I like Bill, I really cannot stand  Hillary Clinton. Call it intuition, call it jealousy(?), call it whatever you wish. I just do NOT like her. I like Chelsea. I like Bill. I even feel badly for Monica...
But Hillary reminds me too much of the condescending mean girl in jun…

Entering Autumn 2016 Stress Free

Even in a "normal" world, stress is difficult to handle. Dealing with multiple sclerosis or any type of chronic illness magnifies the ill effects of stress.  My hope is that Cathy Chester's article is a comfort this weekend. As I look over her list of stress relievers, I am in total agreement with her personal salve for a less stressful existence. My family and friends offer a welcome comfort on stressful days. While I do not actively meditate, my yoga practice (my exercise of choice) allows ample Zen to my day. Yes, I pray; maybe not as much for myself as others. I need to concentrate on me a little more in this respect. Journal-ling has always been my outlet and I am glad to see that it made Cathy's list. sand, of course, my lazy kitty kat is always a comfort. Even when she insists on attention, misses the litter box (completely), insists on sleeping in the middle of my unmade bed ALL DAY, and sheds constantly. So, this weekend I plan to focus on all of the wonderful…

"IT" is not always MS.


This has been quite an interesting day. 

It all began last night.

No matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I always read a chapter or three in my bed before turning off the light and curling around my pillow. Last night was no different. Except...

As I turned (my body) to switch off the bed side lamp, I was assaulted by a 21-gun salute of a pain that streaked up the entire left side of my body.  I fought to remain calm when I could not lift my left arm and my fingers tingled to numbness.

My first thought was exactly what just came to your mind.

Unfortunately my family has a history of heart conditions. So far I have escaped the inevitable, because, you know, I'm only...

Crap, old enough to take a spot in the heart attack line of the familial. How did I get this old?

Instead of going into instant panic mode (Hey, I have MS. If I gave into every single little, or big, physical ailment, I would be a total basket case. No time for that!) I eased back on to m…

The Conclusion of Lisa's Sock Week

Upon diagnosis, celebrity Montel  WILLIAMS made the following statement:: 
Unfortunately the way MS affects me the most is through neuralgic pain that I have in my lower extremities, meaning from my knees to the bottom of my feet, on both sides. It's 24 hours a day, and as I describe in my book, at one point it was so bad that it almost prompted me to try to take my life, twice. That was in the midst of what I know now was my last episode or bout. A couple of my other symptoms are slight left-side weakness, especially in my left leg. I also have very, very marginal balance issues. Those are my three main symptoms.

Maybe, when I actually learn how, I will knit a pair of cozy socks for Mr. Williams. Everyone, even feet, need a hug. What better hug could there be than the feel of soft, argyle wrapped around you?

(But, don't get too anxious, Montel. My current knitting project is still in a questionable state. I really do not see sock knitting in my immediate future.)

Fortunately foot…

MS, it's not just a knitting thing.

Please do not judge my theme choice for this weekly theme; because it definitely appears that a theme has developed. And, that's okay. I like socks.
In fact, when my gal pal and I started knitting last fall (Has it been nearly a year already?), I could not wait to dig my brand new bamboo knitting needles into a ball of colorful sock wool.Learning our purls and our knits required investing into the creation of four winter carves. The first project was totally in the knit stitch, which looked really cool when finished. This project too the longest of all of the scarf projects, but really looked "solid".
Next came the 100% Purl Scarf, which looked rather loopy what with the looser stitches.
And then...we got to mix it up and combine our knowledge of knit and purl. When a knitter elects to do this, she has taken on what is referred to as stockinette. I really enjoyed this challenge. Performing the stockinette made me feel like a real knitter and I loved the outcome.
Our final pr…

Guess I'll just take the socks and be grateful.

I hate to complain. And especially this close to the weekend.

But sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do.

Recently I received a gift, a very lovely gift, that has assisted me in walking...many steps without the use of my cane. Every morning (or evening) I have taken a walk down the street, across the parking lot in town, and the followed the rails to trails back tome home.

It has been exhilarating, refreshing, exciting, and normal. Taking a walk is just an everyday, normal activity that most folks take for granted. Taking a walk, for me, is like the very best gift I could receive.

One foot in front of the other, knees lifting high, toes not dragging the ground. This doesn't happen very often. So, when it does, I forget about my companion the MonSter. Just for a while. Long enough to allow me to feel free. Long enough for me to get home and collapse on the couch.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2016Today that walk evidently wasn't on my MonSter's agenda. I i…

Looking forward to an exhausting, exhilarating weekend.

Reader’s Favorite announces their 2016 Award Winners! Included are Chilly Billy by Melinda Chambers taking Gold for Best Children’s Book – Social Issues. Hopping to America by Diana Pishner Walker wins Honorable Mention and Corinne’s Fin, by Dayle Dabney also wins an Honorable Mention. Named Finalist are Mystery in the Window by Angie Whitlow Wilson for Best Children’s Book 4th-6th Grade and I Have MS: What’s Your Super Power by Lisa McCombs, Best Non-Fiction Self Help Book-- a heart-felt guide to living with MS.

It is here. Labor Day weekend. 

With it brings a much anticipated result.

Readers Favorite book awards is something I am not a stranger to, and I say that with much pride. My first novel, Abby, won consecutive Honorable Mention and Fourth place awards for YA fiction. Raspberry Beret also received Honorable Mention. This year,  I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? has taken the spotlight with status as a Finalist for best self-help nonfiction. And look at all of my fellow West…