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Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day...Bring out the gloves!

Give your tax-deductible year-end gift today! Donate by Dec. 31st to help fund life-changing research and 

Today is the official "return" day for all you gift recipients with ill-fitting, ill-selected Christmas gifts. The malls will be swamped (again) and bargains will be thrown out there (again), enticing your pocket book. 
I do not plan to be in the mix of shopping fanatics. All my gifts fit, both my body and my soul. But I commit a portion of my book sales to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and I will honor my promise and the 2016 deadline before the week ends.


Get them both for 25.00. I pay postage. Message me and I will personally get these signed, award winning books out to you ASAP; and add your donation to my year end gift to NMSS.

If you are battling the crowds today (again), good luck and Godspeed.


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