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To get a perfect body, you must have a quiet mind.

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Okay, before you say to yourself, "There she goes again, selling someone else's product", hear me out. 
Yoga has proven  very valuable to me in my MS existence. When I can force myself to practice this ancient art (and it should be every day), I really do see results. If nothing else, the stretching is invaluable. I do not think I really understood the pain of MS until recently. Seriously, when I read about the "pain" symptoms of multiple sclerosis I was confused. I didn't want to blame all of my physical discomforts on MS. Common Sense told me that  everyone experienced these discomforts as age joined the ranks of daily life.
But, guess what? Research has finally convinced me that MS has a lot do to with my muscle cramps, weak limbs, physical stamina, spasticity, yada yada yada...
And since  my straight A attitude has ruled my life, it is my moral obligation to investigate any and every thing I can about this horrible invasion upon what was once a pretty good body. I used to teach aerobics. Yep, I was a hard body. I was limber and strong. I never met a weight I didn't like. 
All my life I wanted to be an athlete, but for some reason my coordination was always off. I couldn't run fast enough for softball; Gymnastics and diving made me dizzy; Snow skiing terrified me what with the speed of going down hill; My feet always got tangled up and I fell a lot when playing tennis: Golf just ticked me off. (So we cannot count golf as a physical impossibility. I just had a bad attitude for golf.)
Gee, guess I should have seen some kind of weird medical diagnosis coming my way earlier in life. My body just wasn't quite normal.
But, yoga... especially gentle or restorative the perfect fit for my MS.
While the following article leans more toward  the concept of personal perspective, there is definitely a strong correlation to MS, or any debilitating condition. I mean, face it. How we feel about ourselves is a direct indication of how we present ourselves to others.
So, you see, yoga isn't all physical. It is a state of mind and if our minds are not positive our bodies will not follow suit. If you want the perfect body, you must have a quiet mind. So, we are all now 10's. Enjoy your perfection.

How to get the perfect body...

This is a question I get from the Yoga Burn Family quite often. Along with many other wonderful questions. 

Some people write to me saying that I have the perfect body. Others say that I’m fat or fake or too skinny. Lol This is the honest 100% truth. 

For the record, I’ve learned to take it all with a grain of salt. So don’t you worry about me ☺

You see….the perfect body has nothing to do with how our body actually looks.
The perfect body is all about perception. 
Everyone has a totally different idea of what ‘perfect’ is. The main thing that I’ve noticed, is that no one EVER claims the “perfect body” is their own.

So, how do you get the perfect body?

First, you start by taking care of it. You do your best to eat well. Stay hydrated. Exercise and rest.

All of that is the regular, typical advice that we already know. 

So what are we missing?

We are missing, the ‘self-love’ piece of the puzzle.

Today, when you look in the mirror I want you to pick out 3 things you LOVE about yourself. 

C’mon we all have them!

Look in the mirror and say “WOW, look at those boobs!!” lol or “my hair looks amazing today” or “I have a great smile” whatever you can find that you love, focus on it, and NOTHING else. 

So often we look at ourselves and say the worst…. I’m stressed, I look tired, I’m fat, I hate my thighs etc. etc.
Well guess what? 

Whatever you tell yourself you are, whatever you repeat in your mind is what you end up believing.

Do NOT tell yourself you are anything other than a beautiful, confident smart Woman (or some variation of positive adjectives) EVER! 

You have the perfect body, because it is yours!! 

When you truly love yourself you will take better care of yourself, you will have that sexy, confidence AND you will start to change the way you look at yourself. 

Changing the way you look at yourself, choosing to see the positive…will make you the SEXIEST woman in the world. And I’m not just saying that. 

You know the type of man, that is just “ok looking”, and then you talk to him, you lock eyes with him and all of the sudden you would pass up a dinner date with George Clooney just to have coffee with this guy?! 

Confidence, positivity, and charm are by far the sexiest thing I have EVER seen. 

I truly believe men feel the same. 

This is not about trying to impress anyone, it’s about having the confidence to be yourself, and to shine.

I believe in you girl! 

I believe you are beautiful inside and out!!! 

My goal is to make you believe it too.

Pick your 3 things you love about yourself, send them to me if you want, or write them down and tape that note to your mirror… Trust me on this. Keep the focus positive, on the things you love!!! 

This technique WILL make a difference in how you feel and eventually it will make a difference in the way you look too!!

I look forward to hearing your response, and getting to know what you Love!!!

Good vibes to you pretty lady ☺


Zoe Bray-Cotton
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