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Yoga Burn gives new incentive to my morning routine.

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Image result for yoga images clip artI am not one much for online shopping indulgences, but a couple of weeks ago I allowed myself the rare treat of purchasing the Yoga Burn program advertised on Face Book. This morning I completed week one of the monthly scheduled routine and I even took time to meditate under the guidance of Yoga instructor Zoe Bray Cotton.

Laugh if you must, but I really, really, enjoyed the meditation exercise. I realize this is a solitary activity and I will never practice this in front of husband and/or son. 

I felt wonderful afterword, though. So at peace and relaxed. I always knew I was a Zen Goddess at heart.

What I really love about this program is that it "is a comprehensive online yoga course directed toward women only."  The older I get, the more I appreciate anything to do with "for women only". Weird, huh?

Zoe' voice is so very soft and inviting. As she leads me through my morning poses, I really feel as though she is my new morning bestie. Of course, I have only completed week one and am certain that she will amp up the intensity soon. For now I will just languish in my Friday calm, inhaling white light and exhaling grey smoke. 

I have mentioned this before in my posts: I am not earning monetary benefit from the promotion of this product. I simply wanted to share my new found practice with others who may be in search of a doable method of exercise, both for the mind and the body. 

You can do your own research on the following sites:
                                                                                Image result for yoga images clip art

Here is a personal aside about yoga:
It really isn't necessary to purchase a bunch of accessories. I use sofa cushions as yoga blocks. A bolster can be a rolled up towel or blanket. And I rarely use a yoga mat, unless I actually attend a class. With drop foot, the mat material often creates a dangerous and uncomfortable situation for me. I realize that one purpose of the mat is to eliminate accidental sliding, but since I cannot always lift my right foot I need that slide. Something else I have learned about yoga is that it is very, very personal. Only do what feels right. Yoga is not supposed to hurt. On the flip side, though, personal gain will not be fully realized unless you push yourself a bit.

As a combination of getting older and having multiple sclerosis, my body does not listen to my brain as much as it should. So, it my responsibility to myself to take the reigns and insist on imposing new yoga poses and physical activity to keep my muscles alive. Do NOT think about it too much when contemplating a new physical exercise. Rely on common sense and just do it. I really believe you will be glad in the end.

So, as you stretch your body and your mind this weekend know that new experiences always play a positive role in your life. Even negative experiences teach us something. With Common Sense in the co-pilot seat, the Balance you need will become  apparent.

Have a great weekend,


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