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Monday, October 17, 2016

Oh, my goodness! Either I am an idiot or my MonSter has adopted a new side-kick.

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I'm ba-ack...

and I am really embarrassed to confess how stupid I am. For nearly two weeks I could not use my blog and I was becoming horridly depressed. I even tried to switch my alliance to another blog site; which really depressed me when I could not transfer my old blog content.

But I am here again and will admittedly tell you that my absence is totally MY FAULT.  I had not idea that this blog site was filed under two different e-mail addresses. When I decided to delete my old e-mail address from my life, I didn't know that my current address would not transfer. So, I guess I am according to Blogger, but if you want to reach me, please use


I have nothing new to report, but will be up and running again very soon!
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