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Keep Calm and Pretend it's not Monday.

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I didn't go to bed last night with the intention to write a book report this morning, event though my current reading material is really fun. In fact, I am not even half way through Yvonne deSausa's light-hearted reaction to living with the MonSter. But...the last passage I read before extinguishing my bedside light dealt with deSousa's early onset MS symptom of memory loss. Since her grandmother had suffered from Alzheimer disease, the possibility of this condition manifesting itself in the author was not surprising. When she complained of memory issues deSousa was met with replies suggesting it was an age thing.

We all forget things. It is just another weird aspect of life. For some reason, the addition of MS to our faulty system just agitates, aggravates, and annoys this inevitability.  

So, I shouldn't be surprised that my own faulty wiring met me face on on this early morning Monday. It is routine for me to get out of bed, visit the loo, pour a cup of water, and take my Zoloft. And that is what I did this morning. 

You know that mildly panicky feeling you have when you are in the midst of a disruption in routine, but for some  reason have no control over the outcome? Well, as I de-capped the pill bottle, I knew I was preparing for the wrong pill. I just knew as I lifted that medium size white pill to my lips that is was not my little blue pill. But I happily (I was giddy. It was very early.) popped that lozenge into my mouth and gulped the water with all the confidence of a well-rehearsed suicide advocate. As I swallowed I giggled to myself about the twelve hour time release clearly stated on the side of my Ampyra bottle. So what if that twelve hour cycle didn't reactivate for another two hours.

That is when horror struck. What was I thinking? Those twelve hours represented medical research and careful thinking on the part of professionals. Who was I to test the theory of the brains behind Big Pharma? How could I so irresponsibly abuse my Ampyra schedule? What would happen to me? Had I inadvertently overdosed? 

Well, it is now time to take my Ampyra and I am still standing. Actually right now I am sitting, but that is irrelevant. I survived the first day of week two Yoga Burn. (I wasn't totally successful at today's workout, so I will have a redo tomorrow.) The only ill effects I have noticed as a result of my memory break down could be explained away as anxiety. I hope so. My chest feels a little tight and my head is a bit light. Oh, wait, that is nothing new. I think I feel this way every day. So, there is not reason to panic, but I donot plan to make this mistake again. 

The big question is : Do I take my second daily dose exactly twelve hours from my mistake or do I wait for the regularly scheduled time? At this point I do not think it matters that much, but I plan t opt for regularly scheduled programming.

MS Madness (Self Help, Motivational, Medical, Memoirs) by [deSousa, Yvonne]

I think Yvonne deSousa would enjoy my dilemma. By the way, her book is MS Madness!: A Giggle More, Cry Less Story of Multiple Sclerosis. When I have totally complete my reading, I will provide a more thorough review. If I remember...
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