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Looking forward to an exhausting, exhilarating weekend.

Reader’s Favorite announces their 2016 Award Winners! Included are Chilly Billy by Melinda Chambers taking Gold for Best Children’s Book – Social Issues. Hopping to America by Diana Pishner Walker wins Honorable Mention and Corinne’s Fin, by Dayle Dabney also wins an Honorable Mention. Named Finalist are Mystery in the Window by Angie Whitlow Wilson for Best Children’s Book 4th-6th Grade and I Have MS: What’s Your Super Power by Lisa McCombs, Best Non-Fiction Self Help Book-- a heart-felt guide to living with MS.

It is here. Labor Day weekend. 

With it brings a much anticipated result.

Readers Favorite book awards is something I am not a stranger to, and I say that with much pride. My first novel, Abby, won consecutive Honorable Mention and Fourth place awards for YA fiction. Raspberry Beret also received Honorable Mention. This year,  I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? has taken the spotlight with status as a Finalist for best self-help nonfiction. And look at all of my fellow West Virginia Headline authors with awards decorating their work!

I couldn't ask for a better way the start the weekend; and yet, it only gets better. 

Last evening the Marion County MS Self-help group met for the first time. I didn't really expect a big turn-out for the first meeting, but those who attended didn't disappoint. In fact, some light was shed on possible low attendance and I plan to make appropriate adjustments to accommodate (I love me some alliteration.) my fellow Warriors. When I initially thought about my vision for this group, my mind was still in the working class mode. 

Well, guess what...The majority of individuals who are in need of this service are not or no longer working outside the home. So an evening hour is not the best of plans. Duh...

Next week I will be one the phone to NMSS, the director of our meeting place, the media, and all others participating in this activity in order to change our meeting time to an earlier hour.

We had a great conversation, though, and interest was generating in knowing more about alternative treatments for MS. I see essential oils playing a HUGE part in a future session.

And there is more...

Ina few hours I will be collecting my two youngest nieces for a much anticipated camping trip. The weather is going to be awesome, the company superb, and the campfire awaiting. I can't wait. 

I hope you all have an exciting weekend planned. In my neck of the woods there are so many things from which to choose. I want to attend them all, but Bemis calls me so that is where I plan to park my behind. 

I wish my author pal Diana Pisner Walker much luck at the Italian Heritage Festival. My heart might not be in the stands tomorrow, but my eyes will be glued to the TV screen as the WVU Mountaineers take the field for their 125th year of college football. The Jackson Mill Craft Fair is also happening this weekend and if you have never been, you are definitely missing out on a spectacular West Virginia treat.

This weekend is a celebration of many endings and beginnings. The pools close, Labor Unions picnic, high school football is in full swing, and families join for the next season chapter.

I can't wait.

I also cannot wait to share with you the cover of my new book. Bombs Bursting in Air is in the final publication  stage and will be available soon! Maybe I can give you a little peek next week...

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