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Guess I'll just take the socks and be grateful.

I hate to complain. And especially this close to the weekend.

But sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do.

Recently I received a gift, a very lovely gift, that has assisted me in walking...many steps without the use of my cane. Every morning (or evening) I have taken a walk down the street, across the parking lot in town, and the followed the rails to trails back tome home.

It has been exhilarating, refreshing, exciting, and normal. Taking a walk is just an everyday, normal activity that most folks take for granted. Taking a walk, for me, is like the very best gift I could receive.

One foot in front of the other, knees lifting high, toes not dragging the ground. This doesn't happen very often. So, when it does, I forget about my companion the MonSter. Just for a while. Long enough to allow me to feel free. Long enough for me to get home and collapse on the couch.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2016Today that walk evidently wasn't on my MonSter's agenda. I instead stumbled to the bathroom just in time before considering any kind of physical activity.  I felt useless, old, and totally pathetic.

 I don't like that feeling.

Who does?

Fortunately, I have developed a rather nauseating knack for brushing away the negative in favor of finding a counteractive positive. No, I don't bounce around like some steroid enhanced Barbie doll; but it is so much easier to find the "good" side of a situation than to wallow in a pool of negativity. That even sounds exhausting.

It's game day!
Just because I no longer attend WVU games, doesn't mean that I don't celebrate the event. 

My family started the day with a lovely breakfast. I showered and dressed in blue and gold to commemorate the day. My husband, my brother, and their friend piled into the car with cooler on the back seat and I waved farewell.

The sun was already beating down through the haze of humidity.

I had made a very wise decision in staying away from the stadium today. The MonSter would NOT be sitting in section 132 today. We would share a seat in the comforts of my own home: ice water at my side, knitting close, and bathroom a stumble away.

I hurried back into the house and collapsed on the sofa, with right leg already stiffening up and my annoying head tremor making itself known. 

I cringe when that date appears, but there is nothing to be done about it other than to rejoice in my own safety. That was a horrible day. A day with which even MS cannot compete. 

I celebrated the only way I know how. I went to church.

Last evening I even took a short walk. The air exhibited a refreshing coolness and I noticed that my gait was much more relaxed. I even just held my walking stick warrior-like, rather than relying upon it for support. 

MS is a fickle bitch. Heat, exhaustion, stress...all components of MS-related symptoms. We are not allowed to enjoy some of the simplest things in life because our bodies react so fiercely to the earth's elements and life's complications.

Well, guess what, MS?

On Saturday, I had the best seat in the house. I could say the same for Sunday. And today I plan to just enjoy another Monday.

My situation might be viewed as bad, bad, bad; but there is always some one else out there suffering as much if not more. 

Have a great day.

POLITICAL QUESTION ALERT: Hillary Clinton nearly collapsed at a 9/11 event on Sunday. America has chosen it's two presidential candidates. If something horrible happens to one of those candidates that eliminates her/him from the race, is there only one representative running for the office?
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