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Disappointed and Disheartened

I am not a political individual. I do not analyze newspaper persuasion nor do I enjoy any type of debate. I did follow Bill Clinton's process mainly because he felt more my age; therefore, he represented, to me, the ideals that my circle of friends encompassed. I also thought Ross Perot (spelling?) was fun, but I knew enough to not take him too seriously.

Election 2016 has been entertaining from the start and because of it's  volatile persona, I made the decision to become actively involved in the outcome.

As a Democrat, I surprisingly found myself early on really wanting to like The Donald. His arguments made sense. He spoke a cut and dry language that I much appreciated. It didn't hurt that, just because I like Bill, I really cannot stand  Hillary Clinton. Call it intuition, call it jealousy(?), call it whatever you wish. I just do NOT like her. I like Chelsea. I like Bill. I even feel badly for Monica...
But Hillary reminds me too much of the condescending mean girl in junior high school.

So, now, after the first official debate between Donald and Hillary, I am thrown back to a extremely indecisive existence. If it weren't for my age and educational background, I would so seriously be tempted to throw in the towel and not care. But, I DO care. I care so much that I, probably like thousands of Americans, am terrified for the future of our  country. 

My impressions of Monday night's debate:

1. Hillary is far too smug. She is not and never will be someone I desire to call friend.

2. Donald can accuse his opponent of lying all he wants, but he had better look at the pot and kettle reality that he is not above that shortcoming. He is obviously delusional. The entire world heard him respond to the accusation of not paying taxes. "Smart," he plainly said. He can't take that back. I know he said it. He knows he said it. The whole world knows he said it. It is irrelevant what he 
supposedly meant. That's what he said.

3. I don't care about Hillary's e-mail scandal. The public needs to get over it and move on to more important issues: education, terrorist control, health insurance, taxation among the social classes...And quit grinning like a fool, Hillary. Your tactics are plainly transparent, but your smug-bitch face is demeaning not only to your opponent, but to your perspective followers as well.

Unfortunately, there is NO ONE who deserves my vote. I realize that this po-dunk West Virginian will not sway the election margin at all, but as an American citizen I feel that I deserve the right to a worthy candidate for the most important position in our government. It is too bad that Mitt Romney elected not to run this year. At least his credentials as a family man of moral character would be difficult to dispute. And his wife has a bird's eye view on living with an incurable disease. (Yes, Ann Romney has MS, in case  you didn't know.) Guess that's why he made the very wise choice not to be involved in this mockery of an election year.

No, I am NOT a political person. What I am is an offended American citizen. I do not believe either of the two presidential candidates.

As I tell my teenage son quite often, "There are many difficult decisions in life we must make." This, by far, is the most difficult one I have faced in a long, long time.

I suppose that no matter the end result, the next four years will be spent with me looking over my shoulder at all times.

That is all,

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