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Monday, August 29, 2016

Yes, MS, it's Monday.


Yes, it is once again Monday. The air is crisp and cool. A low fog hangs over the streets of my little town and  I can just imagine the first bite into the tangy autumn apples that I will soon gather from our trees in Bemis.

September is nearly here and that means...
CHILLY CAMPFIRES (You know what I mean.)

I love autumn. I especially love the word autumnal.
Isn't that a great word?

With the change of seasons, especially here in our Appalachian mountains, allergies abound. My nose has been dripping all weekend and I feel the sinus pressure building behind my eyes.
Of course, this means that I need to add yet another chemical to my tortured immune system. The dreaded allergy pill. 

I do not take allergy meds years 'round, but concentrate on the spring and fall agitators. Since diagnosed with MS in 2001, I have experimented with and eliminated three MS drugs. I am now on the twelve hour time-released Ampyra. Ampyra is not necessarily an MS medication, but better known as a neurological aid. It is formerly labelled the "walking drug" and I can attest to its effectiveness. On Wednesday my neurologist will do his own evaluation of the effects of Ampyra on my condition. I hope he doesn't report some horrible findings on the use of this "miracle" pill. Ampyra has given much needed hope.

My issue is today, the inclusion of and additional "drugs" on my already weakened system. When is enough, enough?

I realize and appreciate medical science that continues to introduce the super fix for any human medical condition; but I worry about the number of prescription bottles that line my counter top. If I abide a healthy diet, address a comfortable exercise plan, drink my eight glasses a day, and get at least eight hours a night, why can my immune system not reward my body with that magical blue ribbon of excellence?

Instead, I ply my aging body with more and more chemical compounds that mysteriously interact with one another, eventually creating a new and perplexing physical condition to be treated with yet another "fix". Living in an already challenged body, this concerns me immensely.

Plus, there is the cost. What with the current Mylan fiasco, we know the ridiculous inflation creation cost vs. consumer price of prescription medicine. Why does the government and/or BIG pharm get to dictate the price of survival? It is absolute lunacy to be held hostage to individuals who have NO IDEA what it is like to live pill to pill, pay check to paycheck. How often do these individuals sacrifice their own health in order to assure their family that, yes, there are groceries in the cupboard?

With that said, I will use my allergy elixirs sparingly this so that my son can be protected against his own allergic inclinations. And that is basically the issue here. I do not have the time nor the money to line the pockets of such existing millionaire's as Mylan CEO Heather Bresch. It really pains me to think that a fellow Appalachian would make such harmful decisions. I guess that's what happens when one of our own leaves "the fold". Of course, in the case of MS. Bresch, she probably never had to sacrifice her own needs for the betterment of some one else.

But, I am speaking to the  choir, right?

And definitely off topic.

Which is...

Autumn! My favorite season. As long as the temps cooperate, Autumn is also my MS's best season. The MonSter tends to lay low during these moderately temped days and cool evenings. Unfortunately it is short-lived and often unpredictable...90 degrees one day, 75 the next. Thus, allergies thrive...

But, hey, it's autumn! That is what autumn does.

Enjoy this week!

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