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MS does not remit. Or does it?.

So, the big controversy in MS is whether or not RRMS is an accurate title for my brand of the MonSter. Technically, there is no appropriate title for any form of MS, but I kind of like the hope that relapsing-remitting brings to mind.

Acording to Dr. Payticia Coyle, Founder and Director of Stony Brook MS Comprehensive Care Center, "MS does not remit and the out dated term causes many people to delay taking medication,"

I understand the logic behind her explanation, offered in the the link below' but I fear that changing the name offers a less positive aspect to a horribly negative disease. Sometimes in life, we just have to color the truth a bit. It's a psych game, I know, but we do what we gotta do.

The proposition is to eliminate the word remitting from the title or RRMS. So, now I have relapsing MS. 

Nothing hopeful about that.

In a world of negativity and despair, we need all the positive we can find. No, I do not want to be lied to (our Presidential nominees do enoug…

Remember Nick Irons?

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it is obvious to me that any blogging skills I might have owned have totally been erased from memory. This post has taken me nearly three hours to publish, due to technical (computer and me) difficulties. 

I will apologize now for all of the lovely prose that you will not be reading today because it is floating around in cyberspace. Actually, I will congratulate you avoiding that train wreck of gibberish. Let's get to the matter at hand.

July has been a very busy month, but it is now time to take a breath and enjoy the silence. My latest manuscript is in the hands of my publisher, and now we just...wait.

In the mean time...

I received this e-mail yesterday. A few years ago I wrote a piece on Nick Irons, who challenged MS in an interesting way. I think about Nick Irons often, but had basically decided that I would never hear from or about him again. So, imagine my delight at finding this in my jam-packed inbox. 

Dear Lisa,

I'm the director of Sw…

Frazzled Writer's Month

I apologize to my loyal readers and on-line friends. Final editing for my current novel has taken over my life. 
I will return in full-force after submitting my blood-stained, final manuscript.