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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Badges of MS

It is so difficult to convince the brain to remain positive when the body refuses to cooperate. Two weeks ago I could walk unassisted, open jars with no trouble, and my bathroom emergencies were fewer and fewer. Today I feel like an invalid member of society, so it's time to pump up the positive.

Attitude is everything when dealing with a chronic illness. Not only must we learn to face our personal reaction to MS, but we are also responsible for how others perceive us. I know, I know...this is totally NOT fair. We shouldn't have to hold the hand(s) of our friends, family, and co-workers as we fight through the  ill effects of our disease.  They aren't living with MS like we are. This is where we earn our Warrior badge.

As a girl scout I did my best to complete every requirement as thoroughly as possible in order to earn the badge of the month. What an honor it was to see those badges collect on my green Mountain Laurel sash. I didn't have many because my family moved around a lot, but those I had were (and are) priceless to me. They are proof of my internal determination and attitude to succeed.

So, here is my proposal: Let's start our own badge collection. Of course Rosie up there in the right hand corner will be our mascot., so if you are reading this you have already earned that badge. 

Rosie represents our determination to remain strong in our fight against multiple sclerosis. You do that every day and I applaud you. You are the fearless, and NOT to be cast aside.

And that is why you are going to enjoy this challenge. 

Do you remember when Random Acts of Kindness became so popular? As a public school teacher I incorporated it in my daily lesson plans. We challenged one another in Sunday School to perform a random act of kindness. Random Act of Kindness became a buzz phrase and still is.

I love the randomness of it. What a good feeling to know that someone out there is living the true definition of kindness by placing that extra quarter in the parking meter, paying for your meal in the fast food line, or holding open a door when your arms are full.

And the feeling is reciprocal, so it is a win-win.

This week, I challenge you to perform three acts of random kindness. I know you already do this, but truly pay attention to the needs of others this week. It is proven that the better we feel about ourselves, the healthier we are.

So, get out there and BE KIND. You know you  want to earn this badge, right?

Have fun!

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