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Four days off Ampyra.

I claim this as my official Monday image.

Four days into life without Ampyra and the absence of this wander drug are increasingly obvious, to me at least. The stumbling has returned, the foot drop is at its best (or worst) and my angst toward BIG PHARM is accelerating by the second.

My goal today is to make a few calls: my insurance company, Ampyra financial assistance, and an urgent request to the Man above.

Since living with MS is much like being a science experiment,  I feel the need to report my findings thus far. Initially I was skeptical about the "walking drug". After eight days of diligent attention to the time of my twice daily dose, I actually noticed a significant difference in my walking gait and fine motor skills. At the end of two weeks, I was walking without a cane for extended distances. I could even peck out several measures on the piano! Week two of my two month trial script, I was dancing in the middle of my living room floor and contemplating joining the water aerobics class at the gym.

I was full of hope and totally sold on the Ampyra life style.

Then my script ran out and my application for financial assistance was denied. I evidently make too much money to request aid. This is the big mystery that requires a solution today. I wish someone had told me that I made too much money years ago and I would have re-evaluated my inclination to pay bills in lieu of going on  extravagant vacations or purchasing that new pair of shoes.

Today I will stumble into my exercise class and hope that I make it through.
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