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Ampyra 8:14: The Sequel


Before I go any further, I need you to plug your sensitive ears, shield your virgin eyes, and attempt to have an open mind.

I am pissed off.

No, this is not my standard vernacular, and I apologize for the the rude greeting this fine May morning. After nearly two weeks of physical hell, my body is finally on the recovery only to be attacked by friendly fire.

Two months ago I started a free trial of Ampyra, the Walking Drug. Skeptical at first, I soon detected a marked improvement on my walking gait and leg performance. Other than my most recent MS exacerbation period, I have begun to feel rather normal for the first time in a LONG time. I have to admit that Ampyra is the reason for this. This is exciting, right?

Last week I applied for financial assistance to continue my Ampyra success. The paperwork went through and the wait began. Since I have heard nothing and my script will end this week, I called the Ampyra pharmacy yesterday only to be told that my application was denied and, basically, I can look forward to a (BIG) step backwards in my progress.

The reason I was denied?

My monthly retirement check exceeds the required assistance  qualification. I make too much  money.


I make too much money?????

A monthly Ampyra script cost approximately $2000.00.

Hey, folks in big pharmacy land, I am a retired school teacher. I have never been accused of making too much money.

My monthly paycheck is, guess what?, $2,200.00 So, because I have MS and am considered a pre-existing lost cause, it is absolutely fine to expect me to survive on the balance of that income after drug therapy? Will you please tell my family we can no longer eat? Oh, an go ahead to put the house on the market because that mortgage that is so close to being paid off just ain't gonna happen. College? My son wants to go to college. Start filling out those scholarship applications, sonny, and get a job 'cause your momma needs her drugs!

I am pissed off.

This is supposed to be a good day and I am not real happy about this horrid turn of events. Today I begin training to become an official NMMS Ambassador. This training will assist me in creating a self-help support group for north-central West Virginia. 

I have looked forward to this day for a while now. Do you see the irony here?

I left a message with my neuro yesterday and will probably need to return that call today because I do no have time to waste while he sorts through his messages. I want resolution NOW. You have seen the t-shirts:

You know the old saying: Image result for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Well, here is my message to you, BIG Pharm:
Image result for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

With all of the injustices in the world, I truly do not understand the need to further increase stress for those of us who need it is least. Are we really going to devote time to lambasting Starbucks for adding too much ice in their cold java drinks while Starbucks fans (I am raising my hand) are more concerned with being able to  walk to the counter than whether or not their frappe might be watered down?


I thought pharmacies existed for the express purpose to assist folks in need. 
Oh, Lisa, you are such an airhead.

A nursing friend of mine commented on my FB rant yesterday after my call.

"This is the direction our country has taken. If you are an illegal or in prison, it is paid for."

Is that not the saddest commentary on our country?

Please do not mistake this post as political commentary. Although this election year has become quite...interesting...
I have no intention debating walls. I seriously doubt that the presidential front-runners even care about my predicament. I don't see them tripping up to the podium or prematurely emptying their bladders in public stage because they couldn't walk the final steps to a bathroom. To them, I am fairly certain that my situation is just another case of unnecessary drug consumption.

Okay, this is going dangerously south and so far away from the positive attitude I really, really need today.

I have two days of Ampyra left of my two month trial and in eight minutes I will swallow my morning dose. 

I really do not want to believe the message presented at the beginning of this post; unfortunately I feel the truth it presents. My people really are just sitting there, watching my struggle. 

They really, really are NOT my people.

Have a good day...

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