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Friday, April 8, 2016

It's Friday. What are you and your MS doing tonight?

Do you remember when Friday night was time for celebrations? End of the school week, or work week?
Girls night out?
Movie dates?

Yeah, me too.

Even if I wasn't going out on the town, I had plans. Maybe I planned to visit a friend or order take out to keep me company while I pampered myself with a manicure.
Now I can't even hold the brush steady to apply the nail polish.

Do you remember when you looked forward all week to getting all dolled up and wearing that new outfit?
Now I just want to get into those jammies and veg out on the couch.

Do you remember when a good book was all you needed for a Friday night and you could read for hours?
Now I can't hold the durn thing still enough to read the print without getting sea-sick.

Do you remember when you and your sweetie would just curl up together and watch a Friday night movie?
Now, if we don't get started by 8 o'clock I will be snoring in the back ground.

So, what are you and your MS doing this Friday evening?

Have a good weekend.

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