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I will NOT be chained to MS this weekend!

MS Doesn’t Care About Plans -

It's been a long, cold winter and an even more unpredictable spring; This weekend promises to be a stellar celebration of sunshine and blue skies. There is no way I will allow MS to keep me captive. My window blinds are open, my walking shoes are laced, and I am ready to get out there!

cup coffee cup smiley

But first I will enjoy my morning coffee strongly laced with white chocolate mocha creamer. I think I like the flavored creamer more than the coffee. Plus I get the added bonus of talking with you while I sip.
Mornings are the best time for me to reflect or to accomplish big tasks. Yesterday morning I started the annual job of changing my clothes over from winter wools to summer cotton. This is one of my favorite activities. It's kinda like visiting old friends or gong shopping. Even though most of my clothes are years, even decades, old I get a thrill when I unfold an item that I haven't seen for a few months. This also gives me an opportunity to discard any clothing items that I no longer deem useful to me.
And that is my second favorite activity this time of year: getting rid of the old stuff and clearing the clutter.
I hate clutter.

I also need to end to some paper work today to ward off the bill collectors. Of course this will assist in eliminating more accumulated clutter. I do not now why I have such an inclination to rid my life of  unnecessary stuff, but it makes me happy. I just believe that if an item is not being used then there is no need to possess it. My mother keeps everything, God bless her. Clutter is her middle name. My dad also is a hoarder, so I have no idea where I get this need to de-clutter my life. In fact, this morning I am awaiting a call from a pal who is purchasing my stationary bicycle. My sweet husband gifted me with it a couple of years ago in hopes that using it would strengthen my dropped foot. I was real excited about it for a while and really did use it. Like most home exercise equipment it has become a coat rack, though, so out the door it goes. I would have given it away but it really is in very good, new shape and money is tight since my retirement, so...Goodbye, fan bike. Hello, paid gas bill.

Wow, like how I incorporated my bill-paying with my exercise routine, with my spring cleaning fun?
Oh, and coffee drinking?
This is definitely going to be a productive day.

And I will right with it as soon as I eat a little breakfast. 

Because I am home alone this morning, there is really no need to clutter the kitchen with a collection of dirty cooking utensils, so I will make it simple. My normal morning meal is a cup of yogurt and a granola bar. I ate the last of the yogurt yesterday, so that's out; but I know there is a bag of frozen blueberries in the freezer (Of course. Where else would frozen blueberries be?), so a bowl of cereal (or even oatmeal! No, that's a winter thing.) garnished with blueberries sounds yummy as well as healthy.
I will be back in a few...


Well, I'm back. The problem with frozen food is that one must wait for it to thaw before eating it. I set out a bowl of frozen blueberries to do just that.

While we (I mean I) wait, I will take this opportunity to continue writing and sharing suggestions on using this wonderful weather to our advantage.

My son, a high school student, is responsible for a certain amount of community service hours between now and graduation.  I think this is a very good idea for young folks in order to learn life realities. Tomorrow our county is celebrating Make it Shine by actually clearing the clutter in various communities. My particular town is not participating, but I doubt that a neighboring community would not object if we showed up.
There is also an MS Walk in a nearby county that I am sure we could find some type of service to provide. I didn't register for this most worthwhile event because I thought I had another engagement this weekend. Turns out I am as free as free can be,   so I think I would like to drive north to Morgantown tomorrow. Surely my son will not balk at attending an event that benefits research of hi other's disease. Of course I will probably need to sugar the proposition with a promise of an Olive Garden lunch.

Yep, that's what I will do. It's a win-win, right?
Oh, and there is a Barnes and Noble located right beside the restaurant. We can't go all the way to Morgantown (a whopping 15 minutes drive) with out stopping at my favorite bookstore, now can we?

I never realized how entertaining searching the internet for images to insert on my blog could be.  There is a bunch of stuff out there, isn't there?

Well, it is ow 8:40 AM and my friend has not called yet to pick up my stationary bike. I have just drained the last of the coffee and I really, really want to get outside but there are a few little household chores that need to be addressed first.

Opps...there he is. 
No, I am not making a musical reference.
My friend just pulled up to retrieve the exercise bike.
The bike is really for  his brother who has Parkinson Disease. Evidently cycling is extremely beneficial for folks with this condition. I recently watched a video that showed a man with disease-related tremors. He could't hold a pen to write. He was dangerous with a cup of coffee. He couldn't even stand by himself due to a Freezing Gait. He just shook so hard; but when on the stationary bike, his tremors diminished and continued to stay dormant for several hours after. Fascinating stuff. 
Check it out.

Okay, Kelly and Michael are talking in the other room, so I suppose it s time to get off my duff and get moving. Oh, I sold another book to the stationary bike friend. I think I need to hire him as a publicity manager. He has sold several copies of I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? Thank you, Don!

Oh, look, I just a Face Book notice of someone's birthday. Happy Day, special Face Book friend!

Okay. It is TIME. MS might not be holding me captive this morning, but procrastination certainly is.

If you have made it all the way to the conclusion of this ridiculous Friday post, you are certainly ready to start your  weekend. Stop procrastinating. Get out there and enjoy your day. 
I certainly will.

Oh, by the way, frozen blueberries are yummy, but my teeth now kinda hurt.

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