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QUESTION: Is a MS relapse the result of a new lesion? Can you actually feel it happening?

I just need to clear the air and get this off my chest. Because I have felt totally lousy for the past 48 hours, new MonSter questions have developed in my mind; and, me being me,  I decided to perform an informal search for answers; which turned out to be that proverbial needle in a haystack.
Prior to and during my relapse several things happened that I just knew had something to do with the formation of new lesions. I could not bend or curl the toes on my foot affected with foot drop. I had no fine motor skill dexterity in my right hand. I experienced several severe muscle cramps in my legs and feet. That should be easy enough to research, right?
Yes, dear friends, that exacerbation was more powerful than I thought. It totally wiped out all rational thought. I momentarily forgot the identity of the beast with which I was dealing. Score 1 MS.
Anyway, my research took me to a website full of promise...if only I could finalize registration in order to discuss my questions in an…

Wednesday was a horrible, terrible, really bad day.

Do you remember that classic children's story about Alexander and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?

That was my Wednesday.

It all began with my computer crashing, forcing me to contact Window support for a two hour phone call marathon. I had to make a judgement call on skipping my exercise class in order to deal with said computer. So, I opted for a little at home yoga and stretching between phone calls.

All hunky-dory and ready for my shower, I was aware of strange little electric brain sensations. Those strange sensations followed me to the shower and practically forced me to my knees. That was semi-okay until I realized that the right side of my body was taking the day off, making my slippery exit from the tub rather challenging. I wanted to laugh because laughter always makes me feel better.

This was no laughing matter, though.

So I cried instead. I cried while I struggled to towel dry. I cried while fighting to get both feet/lets into my undies and jeans. I cried when…