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Multiple Sclerosis Sucks, even during MS Awareness Month

The following are not my words.  I borrowed them from someone else's blog. A very good blog. You should read it.

"Allow me to apologize in advance for the contents of this essay. Quite simply, I’m fed up with Multiple Sclerosis and everything that has to do with Multiple Sclerosis. Those expecting to find any form of eloquence, wisdom, inspiration, or other redeeming qualities in these words will probably be sorely disappointed. Like a bulimic who just polished off a giant platter of lasagna, I’m feeling the need to purge and I have a hunch the results won’t be pretty. What follows promises to be more of a free-form rant than well-constructed discourse. I can’t guarantee any kind of narrative flow or grammatical cohesion, much less literary flourish or clever turn of phrase. No, instead I’m just gonna let it rip, an unadulterated regurgitation of everything about MS that’s been stuck in my craw these last few months. This may not be for the faint of heart, as I just might wander into some very uncomfortable territory. Okay, you’ve been warned; now’s the time to either buckle up or head for the exits." 


The Wheelchair Kamikaze tells it like it is. This is only the first paragraph in a much longer, extremely graphic depiction of multiple sclerosis. While I attempt to present the most positive face possible in the presence of this ugly disease, WK pours out his rage without any restraints. I think I am in love. Or at least in deep, deep respect for such an unadulterated attitude. His words excite me; yet, I find myself blushing at the thought of unleashing such gruesome, honest hatred.

So, I won't. I will just continue to follow his blog and allow him to be the heavy. Is there anything wrong with that? Someone has to be the "bad cop", right?

The point is....we all live differently with our MS. There is no planned template to follow with this disease. That is one of the reasons why multiple sclerosis is such an unfair condition. There are no guidelines. There is no formula for a successful recuperation. Avonex, Copaxone, Beta Seron,'ve read the reviews. What works happily for one of us may throw another one of us under the bridge.

It is truly depressing. And I hate to be depressed.

That is one reason I wrote I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? Writing is my happy place. I want to share that place with other people searching for reassurance, support, and understanding.

I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? is really an extension of my personal journal that holds all of the ugly thoughts I felt in the beginning of this MS journey. I do not have Wheelchair Kamikaze's talent for relaying those dark, pathetic rantings of 2001. In the censored version I approach MS with a more clinical, "how-to" attitude. There is no guide book for MS. We know that.  I also know that sometimes I learn more from another person's experience than fro many published instructional manual.

If it makes me laugh, I read it. If it pulls at the heart strings, I read it. If it contains useful information in an interesting fashion, I read it.

 Both I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? and Abby, satisfy that checklist.

During the month of March, one dollar from each sale of these books will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of MS Awareness Month.

Get a sneak peak on one of the following sites.

All orders directly ordered from me apply to this campaign and a donation will be forwarded at the end of the month. Any books ordered from on-line sources are subject to a royalty schedule, so I will not know what is donated until July. But, hey, any donation is a good donation, right? I am certain NMSS will accept a monetary gift any time of year.

Have a brilliant day. the sun is shining here in West Virginia!

Look for me on my FB page Lisa A. McCombs or my writing FB page Abby. I would love to meet you, even if it is as a virtual relationship! Pen pals sure have changed, haven't they?
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