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MS Doesn't Know a Day of Rest

Since yesterday was Sunday, I decided to take advantage of my Day of Rest. Foolish me. Multiple Sclerosis doesn't know a day of rest. Every Day is MS Day.

According to The MS Recovery Diet by Ann D. Sawyer and Judith E. Bachrach,  the "multi-system failure (experienced by folks with MS) is usually referred to as MS fatigue." (p. 6) - Here I go again...advertising someone else's book in the name of MS research.

FATIGUE is an overwhelming and possibly paralyzing symptom of MS; but I do not view it as comparable to rest. Rest is a conscious decision. We rest when the opportunity is put before us. We make the decision to rest

As far as I know we do not consciously make the decision to be fatigued. At least I don't. When I think about fatigue I become instantly uncomfortable. My entire body kinda goes limp and my brain fogs over. Nothing tastes good. Nothing sounds interesting. Everything is just a plain out PAIN. 

I didn't feel fatigued yesterday. In fact I really felt at a loss without my new purpose of blogging each day for the 31 days of March in honor of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. There was really no reason to take a day of rest from my Awareness project. My MS was still there throughout church service, grocery shopping, and dinner preparation. MS wasn't hanging out in the Garden of Eden after full seven days of hard labor. My MS hung on like a bad penny (What does that analogy even mean?).

So, lesson learned. I WILL NOT take a day of rest from my MS Awareness campaign. We can rest from excessive physical exertion. We can rest from labor  intensive mental theatrics. We can rest from menial tasks that will still be there tomorrow. We can rest throughout the day in  order to stock up some much needed energy for the next chore at hand. But we cannot rest from our MS.  that MonSter is the enemy and does not deserve the advantage over the Common Sense that battling MS requires.

While searching for an appropriate passage to share from my book I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?, I couldn't find just one. Yep, that's right. I, Lisa A. McCombs, am tooting my own horn. The book is just that good.
Just diagnosed with MS? Know someone who has MS? Interested in a short (80 pages) read about a mysterious, debilitating disease? Want to contribute to MS research? Just want me to shut up?
Order your copy of I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? directly fro me during the month of March and I will personally donate a portion of the sale to MS research. I will pay for postage and even include a free autograph (I know you're thrilled). Just e-mail me and we will get right on this!

Of course I will not fuss if you would rather order from one of the listed websites; but this month it is not all about sales for me. My goal is to personally donate to the NMSS with help of  my readers.

To date I have collected $28.00. I am so excited to post a check to NMSS at the end of the month. In fact, I will match the total donation to double our contribution. Those are big words from a retired school teacher. 

I just really feel it is SO important to share my knowledge of this disease. It is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad disease. (There I go referencing books again.)

Thanks for allowing me to continue my campaign and forgive me for taking a day of rest. I promise that won't happen again!

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