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Monday's Purpose

 Do yo ever feel like this? Sounds like a good topic to address on a Monday.

Many people view Monday as the day to avoid. The day that every thing is destined and expected to go wrong. Murphy's Law is in full force on a Monday. At least that is the popular opinion of the first day of the traditional work week.

I, personally, like Mondays. Since my retirement I have grown fond of Monday. That is the day I complete the biggest portion of house cleaning. If I keep on this Monday schedule, the job size isn't so bad. I change the sheets, dust, vacuum, and generally straighten on Mondays. It is a good way to begin a new week. Everything is fresh and clean and I feel like I have accomplished something useful.

Living with multiple sclerosis, or any chronic disease, often creates in the host body a feeling of defeat. Because we cannot participate in life as we once did, our usefulness is at risk. If I successfully achieve my Monday goals, my usefulness is restored.

Every Monday, to me, is a new beginning. Monday is full of new possibilities. How I feel on Monday sets the stage for the rest of the week. this morning I feel relatively well and ready to get this party started. Monday is almost like the first day of the New Year. Resolutions are set and a list of goals is created.

This Monday I resolve to review at least two books during the coming week.. Sometimes I am on a reading/reviewing roll, making me once again feel useful to someone, somewhere. Last week, with my son home with this seasonal viral stuff that is circulating, I allowed my reviewing task to suffer. The job doesn't pay much, but it is still a needed task and I enjoy it. This week I need to jump back on that responsibility.

Authors, get a FREE review of your book!

My second resolution of the week is to knit 3 dish clothes. I learned the pattern yesterday and am excited to actually make something useful that I an gift to my friends. Knitting is something that my gal pal and I began last fall. It sounds like an old lady sport, but knitting is  not for the impatient and faint of heart. it is a challenging activity that can produce lovely results when approached with positive thought. It's fun. It's transportable. It doesn't require batteries or electricity. But it does require a certain amount of concentration to complete. 

Image result for knitting  I would really like to post photos of finished projects, but I cannot figure out how to sync my phone camera to my computer.
Ah...another task for this week!
I love a good project.

I am committed to attend two meetings this week: DKG. Delta Kappa Gamma is an educational sorority to which my mother and I belong. This evening we will meet at El Reys Mexican Restaurant in Fairmont. Tomorrow afternoon is the monthly meeting of Marion County Retired Teachers. This takes place t Muriale's Restaurant. I will be eating well. These meetings also give me a sense of purpose and I enjoy connecting with these folks. It keeps me connected with the outside  professional world.

Okay. Enough free advertisement. No, I do not get paid to share my interests. I just thought you might check out some of these sites. There are so many possible activities out there for those of us who might feel that MS has taken control of our lives. 

Do not feel useless. You are NOT useless and MS does NOT define you.

Find hobby. Find an interest.

Do something for yourself.

Get involved.

Happy Monday,

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