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Girl Scout Cookies and Weight Management do NOT Mix

Maintaining a healthy weight is difficult for the average person. Even for the most active individuals, waving away those tempting, delectable treats in lieu of a healthy snack can be gruesome. This time of year is especially a challenge for me.

I LOVE Girl Scout Cookies. All of them.
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Lucy, my favorite little Brownie Scout, delivered an entire carton of luscious temptations to my house last week. I was suffering the devil of a headache and my stomach had been churning with migraine nausea all day; but did that stop me from tearing into a box of Samoa's? Heck, no.

I rarely eat dessert and I usually stay as far away from sweets as possible on a daily basis; I know for certain that those 11 pounds I lost last summer and have managed to keep off with daily exercise and wise food choices is at risk. And I also know that there is every reason to believe that I will not stop enjoying those cookies until the box is empty. I'm just relieved that I only have one box with my name on it. The rest are for my husband: six boxes of Tagalongs!

There is no viable evidence that body fat determines a person's susceptibility to multiple sclerosis, but extra poundage is not healthy for anyone. Having MS is an interruption in physical flexibility, though, and Common Sense tells me that extra pounds deters the fluidity with which a body can move.

It is important to stay active (in both mind and body). I really believe that. My mood even elevates when my body is in motion. 

According to Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies, "Exercise is good for you." (p. 179)


Exercise reduces fatigue; maintains and increases flexibility; improves cardiovascular health; improves bowel and bladder functions; strengthens bones; improves your mood; and (t'da!) helps with weight management.

It's a no-brainer, folks. You MUST move.

Flex those feet. Reach those arms to the air. Take an extra step to the cupboard that houses those Girl Scout cookies.


H ave a blessed day,

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