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MS Awareness month

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I do not do a lot of donating. Hey, I'm a retired school teacher. I didn't make much when in the work field, and this retirement business isn't any better financially. Living with a chronic disease is an additional financial burden. But I'm loving life and doing something I always dreamed abouth: writing

My goal for the month of March is to contribute a substantial portion of my book sales to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I would love to just hand over my royalties in their entirety, but those bills mock me from their perch on the corner of my desk. I am excited to donate a dollar of each book sale to
Why are my books of interest to anyone fighting the MonSter?

You must not have read one if you are asking this question.

Speaking of questions...Do you ever wonder how the children in your life deal with your MS? Well, meet Abigail Van Buren Masterson, the alter ego who emerged after my diagnosis. Watching the reactions of my son, parents, and friends upon my sudden lifestyle change(s), I knew that my personal journal was my most reliable outlet for my own frustrations and fears. I love to write and have always kept a journal.  Writing Abby's story just felt right. Here is what evolved...

Abby, was published in 2011 at the insistence of a seventh grade class under my tutelage. The story of a seventh grade girl who attends 5 schools in 7 years, Abby, is a Readers Favorite, as well as a Purple Dragonfly award winning young adult novel. When her father is killed in an accident on the WV Turnpike, Abby's mother cashes in the insurance money to travel the state in educating her young children. That vagabond lifestyle is cut short, though, when Mrs. Masterson is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, forcing the little family to settle into an unfamiliar lifestyle for Abby and her brother. Although Abby discovers the security of living among family she didn't know existed, she is faced with a school bully, making friends, and coping with the mysteries of her mother's disease.
Abby, is the ideal novel for the reluctant reader or anyone preferring short reading sections. Written in journal format, it is easy on the eyes and will certainly make a mark on your heart. It is the "Hallmark greeting card" of young adult fiction.

So, we've got the youngsters covered (reading level/interest, ages 12-adult). After I became a little more comfortable with my MS, I didn't stop writing. Oh, no, two sequels followed Abby, encouraged by those same students and earning attention from Readers Favorite. Raspberry Beret chronicles Abby's eighth grade year and Opening Pandora's Box: The Conclusion is Abby in high school. These novels are more about the main character and not MS, but I highly encourage fans of Abby, to read on.

In November 2016, I took the plunge and shared my personal life with multiple sclerosis.  A relatively SHORT epistle (it's only 80 pages), I have attempted to offer common sense suggestions to my fellow MS Warriors. I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? is currently an international Honorable Mention in the self-help category at the London Book Festival Awards and a five star review recipient from Reader Favorite, New York Times bestselling author, Geoffrey Cameron Fuller and an assortment of enthusiastic readers and MSer's. Read the reviews if you need to know more:
During the month of March, I know you will be going orange in support of MS awareness, and I want to help in the only visible way I can think of. I would love to see sales of my books on Amazon and through my publisher, but for the month of March (my birthday month!), I want to support the battle against MS with a monetary contribution by donating one dollar from the personal sales of every copy of Abby, and/or I Have MS. What's Your super Power? 
All you need to do is shoot me an e-mail

I will take it from there. I will pay postage and you get an autographed copy! (wowzer)

I Have MS. What's Your Super Power? is $12.95
Abby, $15.00

If you live near me, I will even hand deliver!

To honor the current trend of bundling, let's bundle!
Get both books for $25.00.

My donation of one dollar per book will of course double with a bundle purchase. 

Hope to hear from you soon,

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