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Is it the temp or is it MS?

So, here I sit, awaiting the storm of the year with 7.5 million other Americans. And.And it's definitely coming. I witnessed the first snow flake only minutes ago. It was deceptive, though. Just one little, delicate, angelic flotation free-falling from the sky. So innocent, so representative of all those anticipated snow days from my youth: the sled riding parties and bonfires; hot cocoa a freshly baked cookies afterwards; the nights when winds knocked out our power and my family snuggled together around the gas oven to keep warm; the endless hours of card games...
Those were the good ol' days.
I love winter. I love snow.  Until this year, I thought winter was my friend and that the heat aggravated the MonSter that roars within me. I am beginning the think I as wrong.  Anyone afflicted with a drop foot know the frustration of trying to keep up with the rest of the walking world. Normally my own condition improves in cooler climates. This winter, not so. The simplest journey ha…

I love surprises!

I just love a surprise. Especially when it is really, truly an out-of-the-blue, blow your mind, unexpected surprise. Look closely at the (revised) cover of my book. I am a London Book Festival honorable mention. Considering I didn't even know my book was entered in this prestigious event AND that London is one of my favorite travel memories, the news of this award is absolutely an out-of-the-blue, blow your mind, unexpected surprise. The skeptic might say, but it is only an honorable mention but my half-full glass of water attitude argues with IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL HONORABLE MENTION!

And so, my week of surprises begins. Yesterday I spent two hours at the gym with my mother. It was awesome and we are going back today. As part of my retirement plan, I have been anxious to join our area Health Plex Fitness Center. Insurance doesn't cover membership, though, and my retirement budget will not support such a frivolous expense. Yep, physical fitness is not considered frivolous. Oh,…

Happy 2016!

It's that time again...resolution rewind. 
I did fairly well with my list of soulful "to do's" last year. Learning from past resolution attempts, my 2015 list was small and composed of items that spoke close to my heart.
I finished two manuscripts and published one with a publishing house!

I remodeled my bathroom...mostly. The work left to be done requires my husband's assistance. We'll see when THAT happens:)

Now it is time to do it all over again. And I am on it!

As part of my New Year's Eve  celebration, I continued editing my latest writing endeavor: Bombs Bursting in Air. This task will be completed this afternoon. I was forced to take a break when I got too emotional to objectively read my own work. As I told my mother during our Happy New Year phone call, this is good. This story is REALLY good. I am actually impressed with myself, for the first time ever. So, I am not going to rush through the last 50 pages. 

In fact, I am ready to share chapter one wit…