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Friday, January 2, 2015

Tecfidersa - Day 10 I am typing on my new desk top computer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to me! I have some rearranging to do on my desk because the 19 inch monitor that I feared would be too small is taking up any extra surface space space I might have hoped to have for manual writing purposes; but I'll get it under control later today.

I cannot believe that my school vaca is nearly over, but it once again reinforces my retirement decision. I just love being home: cleaning, writing, reading, rearranging, cooking (I can't believe I actually said that.), doing laundry... Another supporting fact: At WalMart this morning I caught myself purchasing notebook paper for my students and coffee creamer for the teacher's lounge. Well, there are expenses that I won't need to worry about. Right? And clothes...I won't need to worry about new school duds for me in the fall. I'm liking my decision more and more. I just need to calm down about it, though, until I speak with the retirement board in February.

But that has nothing to do with MS and Tecfidera; or does it? I have been so blessed since diagnosed with this MonSter (thanks to my FB MS acquaintances for this nifty little monicker) that I am still walking (although somewhat slowly, wobbly, unsteady) and that I can do things that need attention. My mind is never far from my friend and little sister Jamie, who surrendered to the  ugly effects of this condition several months ago. This holiday had to be so very difficult for her husband, sons, mother and brothers. She enjoyed Christmas so much. And she loved watching football, which I did much of yesterday while thinking about what her picks would be for the National Championship Game. Sorry, Jamers, FSU lost as well as Alabama. I guess we'll have to root for the Ducks, which doesn't upset me in the least. Even with tears threatening as I write this (nope, the damn just broke), I must, must, must keep focused on my goal of finishing and publishing my common sense guide to living daily with MS. This will be for Jamie, for me, and for anyone interested in our trials. It is amazing what can be learned from other folks' dealings with this disease. I just need to get all of those pages and journal entries organized.
 And I will.
 I promise.

While you are awaiting Bruised, but Not Broken, hope on over to Amazon and check out Abby, my young adult novel about twelve year old Abigail Van Buren Masterson, whose mother is diagnosed with MS. A different perspective is often needed.
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