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Tecfidera - Days 13 and 14

Back to school! Second semester begins next Monday, meaning that I can officially begin the big countdown...if I decide to retire. It is really strange how my location effects my decision When I am home, that is the only p;lace I want to be; but as soon as I enter the halls of MMS, I am completely smitten. It will all work itself out. Things normally do.

The wind is whipping around outside and AccuWeather promises a snow fall of two to four inches sometime between this evening and tomorrow morning. The temperatures are expected to plummet and the wind chill frigid. I don't really care as long as I am home in my cozy cottage and the electric doesn't go out. I will gladly spend my day writing. Tonight the WVU  basketball team continues its winning streak (hopefully) and a new season of The Bachelor (my guilty addiction) begins. I started reading a new book last night and I have a book to write; so in-climate weather is fine with me.

For many folks suffering with the MonSter, cold temperatures are a nightmare. I am on the opposite end of the temperature spectrum. Heat delivers me to a jello state and often renders various body parts void of sensation. My drop foot (which I was informed is not a result of MS at all; but actually weakened muscles in need of toning. Really? And how might I tone those muscles when my foot refuses to lift itself into motion?) becomes a nonexistent limb and walking is not an option. The heat erases my ability to verbally communicate and cog fog attaches itself in a leech-type manner. So, snow, ice and wind is fine by me; as long as I can stay inside with my hot tea and comfy blanket. I even exercise better on cold days. (So, the drop foot may not be a direct result of MS, but it is also not a result of my life long attempt to keep my muscles toned. I, admittedly, am a former aerobics instructor and currently break my sweat with gentle Yoga. Those toneless muscles are not a result of couch potato behavior.)

Anyway...bring on the winter storm.

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