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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I have Ms. What's your super power? (Another Tecfidera Day)

It's every where. "What's your super power?" I teach; what's your super power? I style hair;what's your super power? I'm a mother;What's your super power? I train monkeys; What's your super power?

Hey, folks! I have MS. What's your super power?

I have to ask myself: "Self, why didn't you see this before?" It's the perfect title for my common sense guide to living with MS. I like Bruised, but Not Broken very much. I like the sentiment from which it hailed (When I painted my finger nails Russian Navy last summer, my father told me it looked like they were bruised. I liked that so much I wore that nail polish all summer. Oh, a fresh coat ot it every now and then.) and the sympathy it invokes. But it's a better chapter title; not a strong, attention grabbing, gotta read that book title.
And, besides, I'm not really looking for sympathy. I just want to help other women deal with this MonSter. I've read MS for Dummies and I refer to it often, but it's a non-gender read for the most part. I need a gender specific volume. "I am woman, hear me roar" type thing.

Of course the idea fell on my in the shower, where all good ideas are born. Y'know, when your pen is not handy and you're really busy trying to hold on to the soap while remaining on your two feet n order to not fall, crack open your head, and scare your not old enough to drive son to death. You tell yourself you will remember it all after drying off and getting to the computer or notepad. You utilize the age old practice of repeating the important aspects of the idea over and over again out loud, chanting like a fool, engraving the best idea ever in the best words of all time into your brain. And then... Whoosh! There it goes.

In one of my YA novels, the main character describes her nursing-home resident grandmother's early symptoms of Alzheimer disease during a visit that occurred immediately after the evening meal. Grandmother complains of being hungrey and Abby  tells her that she just ate. Grandmother replies, "What was it? Did I like it?" Yep, it's just like that.

Thankfully, I remembered today. No Cog Fog for me. I researched it, I looked for duplicate titles on the market, I checked for copyright, I mentally outlined another chapter in my book (which I hope returns to my memory soon).

So, I leave you in order to re-organize my thoughts and clean up my words.

Have a happy day!
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