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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 11- Tecfidera

Things are moving along smoothly for this Tecfidera novice. I am still concerned bout the major side effects, but am putting trust in God and my neuro that this is a good treatment for me. Between being anxious about this new course in my life, the thought of retiring at the end of the year, the fact that I really love my new desk top, a nearly finished manuscript in my possession, and the desire to do something in memory of my dear, dear friend Jamie, I am feeling pretty good about things right now.

Tomorrow is my last official "day off" before returning to school for the rest of the academic year. I am really rather sad to end this time at home. I really, really like being home. I am such an Emily Dickinson in that regard. I have always felt a kinship with the recluse lifestyle.

I am including portions of my Tecfidera journal in Bruised, but Not Broken. It lends to the serious side of the work. Besides, I just enjoy first person narrative: writing it and reading it. So, I feel that other MS readers may relate more closely to what I write.

That's all...
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