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Superbowl Safety and MS

Do not be misled by the title of this post. I am not and never would refer to multiple sclerosis as super. I am upbeat (yes, I am), but I am  not an idiot. There is really nothing wonderful about MS, but we must encourage a positive attitude. Right?
Watching the Super Bowl last evening was not extremely entertaining and I even found myself wishing Seattle would just make it the first ever Superbowl Shut out in history, just to have soemthing positive to say about the sadness of competitive fun. I didn't really care who won, although I would have enjoyed seeing Peyton adda nother ring to his jewelry chest. I just wanted to see a good game.
With MS I do care who wins and my game plan is to come out the victor. I don't even want a "good game" because the novelty of living with MS wanes very quickly. In the beginning we experiment, test, challenge, and get a feel for our symptoms and various treatments. I have read about bee venom treatments and electrical storm experimentation, neither of which are for me. (Of course, there is that old adage of not knocking it if you haven't tried it. Whatever...) I must admit that the challenge of such strategies would up the contest, but I am just not into playing games with my health right now. Sure, I 've tried a few other alternative treatments (vitamin D and Noni juice are my faves), but common sense, so far, works the best for me. Diet is BIG, BIG, BIG. Superbowl Sunday is a celebration of carbs, fats, and cholestral enhanced goodies. I look forward to it every year and this year I contributed to the utter gluttony of the event. After nearly a full day of consumption, I was more than ready for bed even before the last whistle sounded. (Of course, that could have been a result of the game and not the pizza, corn dogs, chips-n-dip), dark beer (just one), and peanuts.) I felt lousy. My fingers tingled, my legs refused to cooperate, I had an enormous headache, and I was just tired.
Today I plan to attempt to reverse yesterday's poor game plan. Maybe some shadow boxing compliments of my Wii. A little yoga via Sadie on Veria. I've already shoveled some snow, so hopefully, that counts. And I have only eaten a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and will not eat again until the chilli is ready for supper. At least, that's my plan.
I'm sure Denver had a more victorious plan for last night's game. The problem is that Seattle had a more powerful plan (Go, Offense) and that's what won the game. In the MS battle, offense and defense must balance one another, just like in football. But where football is seasonal, with some breaks between camps and training and actual field time, MS is constant. It's every day. There is no time off or vacations until the next big event. MS players are always on the field and there are no substitutions. Every day holds penalties and every minute is full of goals.
I know, I know. This has probably been the worst sports metaphor ever written; but Superbowl 2014 was probably the worst Superbowl game I've ever witnessed. (Yep, that's opinion and not to be taken personally.) And I'm not done...If I could choose a favorite football term it would be "safety". That's how Superbowl 2014 began and that safety within seconds of the kick off set the tone for the rest of the game. Let your MS play be a safety. Every day; every minute. That play pretty much won the Superbowl.
Seattle is not the only winner in this "game".
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