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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just trying to catch up...

I know, I's been forever since my last posting. Sorry to disappoint anyone out there who actually cares that there was nothing here to read of late, but I have found that having a life-long disease is a very good reason to embrace disappointment. Not trying to be a whiner, I just haven't had the energy for "one more" extracurricular activity. This is why I wish I could get a paid for my disease. I mean I "do it" every single day.

Yesterday I had my annual neuro appointment and met the latest in a long line of med students who asked the same elementary questions as the last one as well as my own doctor. I bare my soul to these educated in dividuals by sharing all of the knowledge I have acquired over the last 12 months leave with much less knowledge than I was given at the last visit. I hope they take good notes. I think it's rather unfair that I bring to their table loads of updates on symptoms, results of experimental exercises and holistic treatments, and insight into what MS is doing to me at time; but I receive in return an appointment date for next year. Oh, I do get to have my first MRI in several years, just so we can see if anything has changed and, if so, it will warrant a return to a medicine regime. Why do "they" insist that we be the guinea pig to suffer through another false sense of security disguised in another injectin or pill?

I say Yoga is the cure!

Not really, but it certainly feels better than another round of my mind numbing medication.

Glad to be back, though.

God bless!
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