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Fairmont's First Friday...the last of the season.

Tonight at 5:00, Annette (Bonasso) Rose and I will be signing our books at the Marion County Public Library table. At 7:00 Jenna Won't Sing takes the stage and I can't imagine anything sweeter than listening to my favorite band while sharing Abby with folks stop by to visit. Come out and see us! Good food, great music, fun times!
How about an e-book version of Raspberry Beret for give-away next month? Of course it would be nice if you check out Abby first so that you have a little background; but it is not necessary. Even though my books are actually a trilogy, they are pretty much stand-alone reads.
Don't forget to come to Fairmont's First Friday tomorrow night and get your own collection. Good food, great music, fun time starting at 5:00. Monongah's own Jenna Won't Sing performs at 7:00. Can't wait!
When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, my name was on the  lips of everyone associated with my family, my job, my friends. Tragic news always makes headlines. Sympathy runs rampant and solicitation becomes an expected reaction. As soon as the novelty of knowing someone with MS wears thin, infirmities are often forgotten. I don't really mind. In fact, if my MS is not part of the conversation, I am relieved to not feel the need to make excuses.
     I do not rely upon my disease and am even kind of embarrassed (for me as well as for the interrogator) when I have to explain my cane, my limp, my slurred speech, or my lack of energy. It gets tiresome; but, I remind myself daily to be grateful for being blessed with tehh ability to continue working and to function in a relatively "normal" manner.
     The first advice I was given upon diagnosis was to join a support group. I did. I was mortified. I spent many, many hours planning the end of my life rather than bei…

Know when enough is enough.

On Saturday I attended the opening WVU football game, as is my resonsibility as a season ticket holder. The day was clear and comfortable; I didn't have to drive (for the first time in a long, long while); I had kettle korn money in my pocket; and I was ready to "bring on the Mountaineers. With that said, I still had to convince myself to get going. My face felt a little drawn (similar to the day I was dianosed with MS) and my dropped foot was demanding notice. I started worrying about walking the distance from the car to my assigned seat (roughly 3/4 of a mile). My anxiety grew when I realized how warm the temperature had become, forcing me to hold firmly to the arm of my husband and lean heavily on my cane.
Because our seats are in the south end-zone directly under the score board, I rarely leave my seat during the game since I am usually only good for one "climb". So, I had that to look forward to. Two hours with no bathroom break, which really wasn't such …