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The awful truth about MS and your diagnosis...

Having received and read a plethora (I love that word. It's fun to say.), of responses to my last post   I feel the need to share the one BIG and awful truth about MS. Diagnosed in 2001 six months after the birth of my only child and smack dab in the  middle of a failed marriage, I laid all of my faith in the medical professionals to "fix" me and my situation. AT the time I was under the care of an extremely compassionate neurological intern who did his best to ease my fears and take time to talk to me ANY time I wanted. That wonderful man has since moved of the area and is not available for me now. Any question he could not answer, he immediately researched an got back to me. I wish he was still my doctor today...

What I took from this experience, though, is that there ARE no answers. Every time I visit my neurologist, he asks me a thousand questions that I have answered over and over again only to discover that it is up to me to find the answer. I experiment with what I can and cannot do; what works for me and when; I no longer rely on medical science to give me the answers and that is sad.

I am not saying that the medical world has given up on us MSers. That's not my point at all, but it is apparent to me that I have to rely on myself first.

I have an annual neurologist appointment next month and I am prepared to recount the same story that I have told since loosing my wonderful intern in 2001. I'm sure he would concur with my thoughts, though.

And this, my friends, is the reason for this blog. I invite anyone and everyone to follow, comment, andn observe what goes on here.


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