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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Technology and I just don't get along!

I waste more time trying to use what is supposed to make life easier and adding to a stress level that is my MS goal to eliminate. Because I feel the need to step up to the plate and utilize the 21st Century opportunities before me, I finally erased the downloaded image on the front page of this blog, but I am now sadly disappointed in the current appearance. Recently Cher'ley Grogg asked me to host a blog entry of hers and I want it to look pretty on my post. Hopefully I will have things under control by the time  I post her request.
One thing I have learned about having MS (as with any other life altering condition) it is best NOT to waste time engaging in senseless activity when there is meaningful life to be living. Visit with family, call a friend, play with your children, converse with your pet, take a walk (physically or on the pages of a good book).
My routine this morning has been:
Talk to my computer.
Shake my fist at the computer.
Call computer bad names.
Ask computer for advice.
Play a round or two of Words of Wonder.
Stick out my tongue at computer.
Play a round of Words of Wonder.
Do 20 minutes of Yoga.
Stare at computer with  look I reserve for misbehaving children.
Play another round of Words of Wonder (I'm doing pretty well at this game.)
Pet my cat.
Pet my cat.
Pet my cat. (She won't leave me alone.)
Pet my computer and call it quits on blog transformation for today.

Sometimes we just need to be aware of our limitation. Right?
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