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No, I'm not feeling sorry for myself; just wishing MS mattered a little more.

So...yesterday I yammered about exercise and my excitement in discovering that my insurance group sponsors an affordable way to acquire that exercise. Today, I find out that is only available for persons with weight issues and an inflated BMI. Just for the record, I would like to loose a pound or ten; but that wasn't my issue with exercise. I have an incurable, disabling disease that responds positively to strengthening routines and stretching, a lot of which requires to assistance of gadgets and machines found in a fitness spa/gym. I cannot afford to own these pieces of equipment nor will my  house accommodate them nor do I actually desire to trade my comfy sofa for something that would invariably become a hat rack.

This is not my first run-in with insurance verses quality of life. I have attempted on more than occasion to acquire a Walk Aide to assist with  my stupid drop foot situation. I have been fitted and actually tried said aide and found it rather satisfactory...only to be told that my insurance does not recognize the product as a necessary tool to my MS Gait. How would they know? Do "they" drag their right foot around to the point of being accused of exhibiting public inebriation? Are their lives handicapped with the possibility of down time literally face first on the pavement because it was just too much effort to walk across the parking lot?

I know, I know...there agencies out there willing to work with the finances, but I do not want to be another welfare case. I do not need a hand out. I just want to get the most out of what I pay dearly in premiums.

And it's not just MS; there must be hundreds of ailments that are being denied. This just happens to be mine.

That spa really was nice, though. So, I'll fantasize about all that shiny equipment and professional training this evening as I mimic the moves of my ten year old exercise CDs in my  tiny  living room while I do my darndest not to trip over the coffee table because my right foot cannot keep up with its partner.
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