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Sunday, July 28, 2013

MS is a timeless, ageless classic.

I think this is my favorite picture of me. Taken by the talented Daniel McTaggart at McAteers, a popular diner in Fairmont, I really believe this image epitomizes the self-image of MS. You cannot see my face or a close up of my hands, so you have no idea of my age. The long hair suggests youth as does the denim attire. My hands are busy and my audience is engaged, therefore my business must be somewhat interesting. The upholstery on the diner stools is ripped and indicative of a timeless classic.
     Isn't this what MS is all about? Multiple Sclerosis is considered an ageless, timeless classic, but the treatment of the disease and the attitude of its victims is at war with this image. There needs not be anything remotely "classic" about MS. Current research and medical treatment have advanced remarkably in the last 70+ years, removing shame of this disease.
    We do not need to hide our faces nor disguise our identity. Claim it. Fight it.
This is My MS, My Story.

     Fight MS.

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