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I blog about MS. It doesn't have to rule you.

Before I begin my current tirade on the unfairness of Multiple Sclerosis, I have to brag about myself a bit. My YA novel Abby is a finalist in Readers Favorite novel contest for the second year in a row. Last year it received Honor status and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a "medal" this year. Regardless, I am pumped that my little WV novel about the innocence of youth and living with MS has made an impression on someone out there. Abby, as well as the rest of the trilogy (Raspberry Beret  and Opening Pandora's Box, which received a 5 Star review) are all available on Amazon.

Okay, enough self-promotion, let's get to the topic of the day.

I have not exercised in nearly two weeks and my dropped foot has nearly become the useless limb that I fear it might be...but that's a future nightmare and not one that I plan to to claim any time soon. After twenty minutes of  yoga this morning (that's about all I could muster after such a long vaca from physical activity) my legs felt invigorated and my right foot decided to leap an inch or two higher in stride. This obviously tells me that exercise, no matter how gentle, is essential in the daily struggle with my MS. It is difficult to muster up the energy or interest sometimes, but it is absolutely worth the effort.

Because this is so urgently pressing on my numb and often useless muscles, I finally visited a local fitness center to inquire about rates and insurance breaks. (Yes, I admit, I have decided that I cannot always do IT on my own.) My big plan for today his to contact the main PEIA (my health provider) office and find out what it will take for me to earn a reduced rate and be able to afford the assistance needed to improve my physical self. This is turn will help me thumb my nose at that annoying drop foot that insists on being a huge part of my every day life.

So, that's what I am doing today to combat MS.

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